Carmen Electra Moved On .....

  1. Yep, the blogs said that she's attending Gnarls Barkley concert with Jamie Foxx. They were seen coming together for the show n left together after the show. No report they were seen kissing at that time, but they "seem" really enjoyed their time together. I'm not sure if it's a date or something...

    N I believe you remember that both of them were notoriously known as "sex addict" n I think they'll make a "nice" couple. :graucho::graucho:

    Maybe it's Jamie Foxx idea just to be in the headline to help boosting his 'Miami Vice' ..... I don't know...



  2. Hhmm..interesting....
  3. I'm still sad her and David are over. Thats crazy if theyre just "sex buddies" because on her wedding show with David she was all talking about how many times shes gotten her heart broken in the past. Is this really the route she should be taking so soon as her split with her ex husband then?
  4. I know! On their MTV show, she kept saying that he is her soul mate and how after all the relationships that she had gone thru, she was so happy that he came into her life. I really thought that they will last long. Seems like all these reality TV shows like the Newlyweds, everyone breaks up after. I wonder what will happen to the couple on Meet The Barkers.
  5. I hate that so many couples break up- it is really sad to me.

    I hope the barkers make it- any other news on them??
  6. downgrade Carmen!
  7. What next!!!!
  8. Uh!
  9. That's too bad. I really liked those two together... I thought they made a "good" couple. I wonder how much of what is relayed are complete acts.
  10. Carmen Denies Jamie Foxx Date Rumors

    THURSDAY JULY 27, 2006 04:50PM EST
    Carmen Electra Photo by: Gregg Deguire / Wireimage[​IMG] Witnesses swear they spotted the newly single Carmen Electra hanging out with Jamie Foxx at the Hollywood club Element last Saturday – but Electra says that's just not true.

    In fact, Electra, who recently separated from husband Dave Navarro, says she was home watching TV – with Navarro – PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

    Of the Foxx rumor, Electra tells PEOPLE, "Dave thinks it's funny, but I'm upset because there's not one ounce of truth (to it)."

    Though officially split, Electra and Navarro still live together for now and are still "so connected," says a source close to Electra. "There's a positive way of remaining friends."

    For his part, Navarro "isn't moping around or depressed," says a source.

    Indeed, at the July 23 taping of Rock Star: Supernova, he wore his wedding ring, but still gazed at cohost Brooke Burke and exclaimed, "Damn, she's hot."
  11. awww these break up's are so sad...
  12. Jamie has had a great year, hit album and an Oscar, he doesn't need Carmen Electra to command any attention, maybe it's a PR stunt for HER??? :graucho: