Carmen Electra Helped A Homeless Man On The Streets Of NYC Yesterday

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  2. I love her.
  3. thats really sweet...

    but ummm it was like 1 degree yesterday here...what the hell is she wearing lol or not wearing...brrrrrr

    Love her shoes!
  4. I know, and snowing today..... but she had just excited her Limo ,so you know she wasn't pounding the streets in her stilettos and bare legs for too long. :rolleyes:
  5. ^^^ah the life of a celebrity
  6. She looks good. I like the shoes too!

  7. Thats exactly what I was thinking.. I was dying of cold yesterday and with the snow today.. ugh, put some clothes on!!!
  8. She is gorgeous. That was very nice of her.
  9. that was sweet of her! she looks good in freezing cold weather! LOL
  10. She looks fantastic --- good for her helping out that dude. I wonder how much she gave him.
  11. She looks freaking amazing! Love the look!!!!!!! HOT MOMMA!
  12. whos the designer of the shoes?? MUST.HAVE.THEM
  13. aww! that's sooooo sweet! :tender:
  14. she is sooooo beautiful!!!
  15. She's REALLY pretty! Love her style.