Carmen: Chocolate or Honey ?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Chocolate! Definately! It makes her eyes look so HOT!
  3. these aren't great photos of her IMO, but I prefer her w/ honey colored hair! It is more complementary to her skin tone IMO.
  4. I prefer her with honey hair too. I think the chocolate makes her look a little off, even if they do bring out her eyes even more.
  5. Honey
  6. honey i think she looks kinda drag in the pic with the chocolate hair
  7. Not very good pics of her, but I prefer the chocolate.
  8. i like the chocolate, nice for fall. makes her eyes pop.
  9. honey highlights her skintone.
  10. Honey. :yes:
  11. Definitely honey - it makes her skin look quite peachy:smile:
  12. I like chocolate.
  13. honey ... it complements her skin tone
  14. She could pull of being bald!! LOL

    My fav is when she mixes both colors a bit...if I had to choose between these two pics, I would choose chocolate!
  15. she looks hot no matter what! but, i think i like the chocolate.
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