Carmen and her Chloe..

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  1. [​IMG]

    I love the Betty. She looks good...
  2. I lover her black Betty. She makes it look so cool.
  3. What size is that???
  4. It actually looks like the smaller of the two sizes, she's not a big person, I'm a few inches taller than her and I have the larger size, it looks much bigger than that on me.....
  5. it should be the smaller because of the long pocket across the top

    eta...just saw lola's post
  6. Duh, total give away too, didn't even notice the long pocket....
  7. It's not the smallest and it's not the largest. I have both. my small only has the two pockets on both sides and no horizontal. this looks like the medium which retailed for $1800 and I haven't seen this one IRL.
  8. I also think it is the one "in between" the smallest and largest sizes (called small at some retailers and medium at others)...

    I had this one and "gifted" it to my sister...
  9. I have the small (not the smallest one) which has a long pocket on one side and 2 front pockets. Definately smaller than the one Carmen is holding and also lacking the top horizontal zipper as well.

    For once, how many sizes does Betty come in? Mine retailed for 1705
  10. :wacko:
  11. SoCal, I want to be your sister! :lol: