Carmen and Dave: Officially Single!

  1. [​IMG]Tattooed rockers and supermodels, start lining up! The marriage between Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro is officially over!

    A judgment was entered in the divorce of the former couple in Los Angeles County Superior Court today. They announced their split in July of last year. Carmen and Dave amicably split their assets evenly -- per their prenuptial agreement -- and both waived their right to spousal support. Highly civilized.

    They were married on November 22, 2003 and have no children.
  2. Sad!!!
    I thought they made a great couple.
  3. awww... I thought they were cute too
  4. They did make a great couple. But it makes me feel better knowing they're still friends.

    (Carmen said as much in a Cosmo interview.)
  5. I really liked them as a couple. But really, seeing this not get dragged into some crazy Hollywood slugfest makes me feel respect towards both of them and that their marriage wasn't a sham. I wish them both happiness.
  6. I love her, she's so HOT! he's NOT!
  7. Oh well ! they seem to of moved on.