Carly's here, but I'm bummed :(

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  1. So I finally opened my medium khaki/chocolate Carly - she arrived last monday, but unfortunately I've had alot of really crappy stuff going on and kinda lost interest in the excitement of it all. Anyway I finally got her out a little while ago and was really disappointed to see the brass has a good amount of scratches & dings in it, there's a big scratch on the underside of the strap, along with some small ones there & elsewhere, etc... I mean I ordered this a couple weeks ago, it wasn't in stores yet, so I know it's not a return. I was planning on just exchanging it for the same thing, but I'm hesitant. Is this color in stores now? If not, can I do an exchange at the store since I ordered it through them?

    I guess my question is - how often have you guys ordered stuff from JAX that had problems? I'd hate to go through the same thing again, especially with PCE going on at the moment where I can maybe get a different bag. I might have been able to deal with something small, I realize things will happen with wear, but it's not like I found this bag at the outlet for $70. I don't think I'm being too picky, but I expect something to look flawless at this price.

    I'm also not sure that I'm as in love with this bag as I was when I first tried it on. Or maybe that's just the "optimist" in me LOL. I think the drop is a little too small. I do LOVE the color combo though, and would hate to miss out. The large Carly was too big for me. And I don't like the color combos in the slim available now *sigh*

    Okay sorry for rambling, but I needed to vent to those who would understand :smile: It's just a big disappointment on top of all the other crap I'm dealing with right now. Any advice would be appreciated... thanks for listening! :tup:
  2. I know this is off topic, but can you post pics when you get a chance, I haven't seen the new colors...
  3. Sure, I'll post them in a bit, I need to do a few things around the house first :smile:

    I just read in another post some of you said the drop will get better when you put stuff in it due to the slouching/weight. I probably should do an exchange. Decisions decisions lol
  4. Awww... poor thing! I know that feeling, when you are anticipating something, and the payoff just doesn't satisfy you. You should definitely exchange it, at least for a flawless bag, if not a different one.
  5. Exactly, thanks lol. It's been one of those months where you feel like a black cloud is just hanging over you... so it figures! I think I will probably exchange it and give her one more chance. I am the worst at making decisions!

    Does anyone know if this color is available at the stores yet?

    Here are some pics...
    carly.jpg carly1.jpg carly2.jpg
  6. It's pretty! I'd exchange it. You shouldn't end up with a bag that's scratched up when you paid full price. Like you said, it's not an outlet bag on clearance. I don't know if they're in stores yet or not though.
  7. My mom ordered a bleecker bag a few weeks ago that they had run out of at the boutique. It came directly from JAX but it was scratched allllll over. she was so upset. so we brought it back to the boutique and they ordered another one for her, no problem. I think you should do the same. Your brand new bag should LOOK brand new & the carly is too expensive to settle for one that isnt perfect from the outset. The store will be able to order you another one so if it isnt in stores yet dont worry.
  8. I'm sorry that happened with your mom's bag. It's so frustrating :nuts: lol... Yeah I mean I DID use the PCE, but still it was like $280 with tax so not exactly cheap. I appreciate everyone's comments & advice :yes:
  9. I would definitely exchange it. You shouldn't have to have a scratched bag especially when you paid full price for it. I love the color. Hope things start looking up for you and your month improves :heart:
  10. Thank you so much :love:

    First we had a death in the family a couple weeks ago, then I found out last monday (the day carly came) that my dog has a large brain tumor that isn't treatable :sad:

    I was hoping to find some mindless self indulgence in the bag, so that's probably why it's bugging me so much lol.
  11. I went to the store the last month and I decided to buy the Ergo in Khaki/plum but they don't have any bag available (just the one in the store... I don't remember how call it, maybe "the model bag"?... I don't know Lol) so they sent me on in the mail and when I received it was scratched in the leather, just a little but SCRATCHED!!! I was so disappointed and I ran to the store to return it. They don't say nothing for that so if I am you I just go and return it (specially if it is still wrapped, they don't will say NOTHING).
    I think is a beautiful bag! I love the Carly but I still don't have one.
    I don't know what problems you have right now but I think you should be happy because you have a beautiful bag like this one, you are very lucky. I tell you this because when I was living in my country one time I received a "Coach" FAKE bag for my birthday and I was so happy that I think now it was one of the gifts that make me more happy in my life. When I was there I don't even dream never with have a Coach bag. I remember one day looking in their website and I was thinking about how amazing can be have a Coach bag, but don't even wishing to have one someday, just thinking how amazing, like when you see something in the T.V that you think that is so beautiful but you don't dream with that just because something inside tell you that it is not for you. Is difficult to explain in english.
    I just want to tell you that you are very lucky for have the pleasure of have this beautiful bag and just smile and don't think about any problems. Everytime the things are going crazy just go and take a look of your Carly and think "God, how lucky I am!" :yes:
    If you don't feel happy with it, go and exchange it! and enjoy!!!

  12. Thanks Marcela, I totally understand what you mean! :yes::tup:

    I'm sorry you guys have gotten scratched up bags from JAX too, but I feel better knowing it happens sometimes & they'll more than likely be cool about it. I've only been in the boutique twice, but they've always been super nice.

    I'm so glad I found TPF :love:
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your family member and your dog. I know my "furbaby" is a member of the family, and I know how devastating it is when something happens to a pet. Hugs!:heart::heart:
  14. You should definitely either return it to the boutique (call ahead and see if they have that color) or call JAX. I had a November PCE card that my grandmother used to buy my chocolate siggy Carly, I know what you mean about the price! When you pay that much for something and then have to wait to have it shipped from JAX, it should be in PERFECT condition!:yes:
  15. just exchange it...