carlys fading?

  1. I've heard of the blue and khaki carly fading....(the leather I mean) Is that happening with all of them? I want a large in black but i'm not going to plop down $398 if there are some issues with fading :wtf:
  2. I have had my carly (chocolate) for over a month and no fading. A couple small scratches in the leather straps, but that is to be expected.
  3. I think it's only the chambray color that is fading. I have the black on black carly and it looks great!
  4. Well I have a new Chambray and if I don't end up selling it for something else like I ALWAYS seem to do, I'll keep you all updated on fading. lol! She's a beauty right now!
  5. I've had the chambray since last March. It has not faded.