Carlys being deleted permanently?

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  1. Does anybody know if coach is discontinuing Carly's completely? I now that the plum blue and black/gold carlys are at the outlets, i just got one as gift for somebody for $227, but originally bought my own for $398 about 2-3 months ago in silver/black, and now its on the delete list. I overpaid, especially that i decided to settle with their floor model that had scratches here and there- and it wasn't available any other way that time... and now it's being deleted as well/ already??? I love carlys, I can live with my overpaid one, but i was hoping for more colors instead of carly "just becomming history"...

    Any info on that? :cry:
  2. i thought i read on here that zoe was replacing carly????
  3. I think it was just a rumor, not to sure tho. I have a Carly and love her. I'd eventually like a medium one as well.
  4. Oh Gosh. I better get my leather black/silver one asap. Is there anyway to find out for sure?
  5. The carly carry-all is the only carly staying in the boutiques for will probably be re-released another season. If there is one you want now better get it before the 23rd!!
  6. Thank you for the heads up! I'll be getting mine ASAP!
  7. That would be sad because the leather Carlys are so pretty.
  8. I want another Carly as well. I bought the plum in the Fall and have been waiting for another color in the brass (gold tone) hardware. All others have been with the silver hardware and I should have bought the black while it was still in the boutiques. Nothing else Coach has right now really appeals to me, so unless they bring back the Carly with brass, I will not probably being buying anytime soon. I was so hoping for a grey with the brass hardware.
  9. I've read in other threads very recently that the outlets have the black and brass leather Carly's at the outlets. I'd have a look there!
  10. The Carly's are at the outlets now. In all colors: plum, blue denim, camel, and black. All in gold hardware. Also all the sig combos. In med and large.. and soon the black/silver hardware leather Carly will be at the outlets.
  11. Thanks, but I don't live close to an outlet, I only get to one in July on vacation. I wish they would let me charge it and them send it to me, but I know they don't do that.
  12. :shrugs:I talked to a couple of sales people at a full price store in Wisconsin and they said they were phasing the Carly out but they didn't know why. But the people at the outlet in Pleasant Prarie hadn't heard that and were kinda suprised that they were getting the Carly. I hope not, after they "revamped" Soho, Carly became my new favorite and I wasn't all that thrilled with what they showed me for new products.
  13. Why would they phase out the Leather carlys??? I can see why they'd stop making the siggie carly, but the leather? Darn...I'd love to get a black sig. carly before they are gone.
  14. I was at the Coach store (Here in Vancouver BC) I was asking the Manager about the carly bags. I told her how I came back the very next day after I got my sateen (to exchange) and they were already pulled off the floor and shipped off(That day the SA said she didn't know why, and that they're likely being shipped to a warehouse to sit for 6 months?)
    I asked if they're trying to phase out/ discontinue the carlys.
    She told me they haven't discontinued the Carly, but they have retired the jacquard sig type.. and as for the other ones thats what the new floor set required them to do (pull them off shelves and ship away) in order to make space for introduction to all the new stuff, and that chances are sometime later on they'll reintroduce them in a new way.
    I don't know if thats reliable information, but I sure hope so! I'd be so said to see the Carly disappear like that! It's too lovely!
  15. I can totally see them phasing out the sig carly, however i can't imagine that they would completely rid themselves of the Carly. It's such a popular bag. I guess only time will tell though, sometime it's so hard to figure out whats going through the minds of Coach.