carlyle satchel

  1. anyone have one? i'm interested to know what the yellow and red look like irl. also, can you fit a 3-ring binder in it?
  2. I have seen the yellow and black locally irl. The leather on both are exquisitely soft and smooth! I LOVE the rich yellow colour - not neon or cool acidic yellow, but bright, deep and warm yellow. I can't buy either because I just can't buy everything I see :smile:
  3. Oh, no I don't think you can fit a 3 ring binder in it without distorting the bag...but I can take another look and report back. Any excuse to check out hand bags!
  4. haha! well if you do get the chance to check, i would greatly appreciate it. is the yellow a "rubber ducky" yellow? (i'm looking for a rubber-ducky-yellow bag)
  5. I checked her out again. No, I wouldn't jam a 3-ring binder into this bag...not unless it's one of those dinky ones like 6 x 3 :p

    Rubber Ducky yellow is right on...or Taxi Cab yellow! It's official name is Sunflower I think? But I tend to think of these warm, rich, almost gold-ish yellows as Matisse Yellow :cool:

    She's too much of a uniform lunchbox shape for you to jam a full-size binder into I'm afraid.
  6. Thanks so much for checking! Hmm, this is a toughy. I really need a cute tote bag that will fit a 3-ring binder. I have too many that are approximately the same size/shape but are too small for the binder. Guess I'll have to pass on this bag (but it is super cute!)
  7. Gee, you need something that is more briefcase like I guess?
  8. Everyone keeps telling me that. But I find briefcases to be ugly. So I want a largish purse that still looks cute but can fit a 3-ring binder! And has a zipper top (this seems to be the limiting factor; I find a lot of bags that would fit the size requirement but have magnetic closures or flap-over closures).
  9. For sure, a real briefcase is pretty darn serious looking! You must have something pretty. Do you like the Botkier large Eden satchels? Having suggested this, I have 2 of them and no, I would not want to jam a 3-ring binder into my lovely Eden satchels either!!!

    (It might not fit or be too tight) Hmmm?
  10. Hmm, could you fit a 3-ring into the large Eden? Based on the dimensions posted, it seems like you should be able to, but my experience with bags that "taper" at the top is that they simply do not open wide enough for you to get the binder IN, despite actually being able to hold something of that size.
  11. You're right about that. The Eden, being a structured bag, won't stretch or give much either. It's not huge and there'd be no room left for wallet etc!

    I'm sure there's something out will be on the larger side, of course.
  12. Hey there...what about anything shaped like this: you can certainly put a 3 ring binder into this and it does NOT have that stiff, serious, briefcase look at all.

    My other idea is anything like the old Michael Kors Lattington OS satchel (I have one in purple) and it's pretty darn big (also height wise)...just some ideas for you...

    Chloe lrg marcie zip top tote.jpg

    My apologies for being off topic in terms of designers! No disrespect at all but I'd hate for you to disfigure a gorgeous Botkier in order to accommodate a 3 ring binder :amuse:
  13. Haha, thanks for the suggestion. I would never try and distort a bag to make something fit. The bag has to fit my lifestyle, you know?

    I've definitely got my share of black/brown/neutral-looking totes that all fit the 3-ring binder test. I was just hoping to find something a bit more colorful and bright for spring/summer to mix things up a bit!
  14. Nice color combination. So colorful and still have a balance.
  15. I just got a yellow Carlyle myself, the yellow is gorgeous (a tad bit darker than I imagined though), and the leather is very nice.

    Just off the topic here, does anyone know if I can apply apple garde on this one?? The lambskin feels a lot different than other bags, I can see it get dirty very easily, but at the same time I'm afraid to do anything on it that might hurt the leather.