CarlyB's Collection (Selenas Daughter)

  1. This is my 12 year old step daughters bag collection. She is on the tPF but only allowed to read the posts. She wanted me to show her collection!

    Here it is!

    Carly will be responding to this thread so be nice and remember she is 12!
  2. CarlyB, what a wonderful collection you have! You have beautiful taste in bags! I hope my daughter will be as lucky and have a darling collection like yours to call her own :love:
  3. Thanks:smile:
  4. Wow, that's quite a collection for a 12 year old. She is light years ahead of where I was at that age. Beautiful purses, wallets and shoes.:smile:
  5. Great collection! Best to start young. LOVE the Coach sneakers!!

  6. Lets also hear it for Carlys first post on tPF!!!! :yahoo::rochard:
  7. Welcome Carly!
  8. Aww SELENA: that is soo cute of you!!! :love:
  9. Good for her! She's got a great collection!
  10. Welcome Carly, you have a fabulous collection! You have wonderful taste, just like your Mom.
  11. that is a very cute and very impressive collection for a young girl! :smile:
  12. Hey Carly welcome! I love, love, love your collection! Especially your furry pink coach. Adorable!!
  13. AWESOME collection, Carly!!!:love: Welcome to PF!:tender:
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. Carly is your room clean! LOL