1. So I'm thinking about getting Carly, she's just so pretty!!!! Anyway, was wondering if anyone can post some pics of their lovely Carly bags??? I'd love to see some if you got em! If anyone has the Large and SMall, I'd love to see a comparison too:smile: Thanks ladies!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Oh and feel free to tell me how much you love your Carly bag and enable me:lol:
  2. [​IMG]
    Medium bag.
    I loooooooooooooooooove my bag!
    You need to get one!!!!
  3. i've since returned both of these, but they're both large:




  4. Thanks for posting these pics. I may consider the medium now.
  5. I have the large. I am 5'1.5" and a size 2/4. Its my school bag and fits EVERYTHING!!!!


    In this pic there is a 5 subject notebook, wristlet with make up, plastic pen case, mini skinny, a 540pg book, calculator, PDA, cell phone, and slim envelope wallet.

  6. I've been wondering if the large Carly would fit my school things, looks like it will. I'll definitely have to get this for myself when I'm done with finals.
  7. yeah, the large is pretty big. i think a few of us got it for school (perfect size, as batgirl just showed)
  8. its the best school bag EVER!
  9. Great bags ladies!
  10. I love love love love love my Carly :love: , I have the medium in Khaki/Saddle. All I have is a group pic of all my bags, I haven't used her yet!

  11. been trying them on for size and i'm 5'5, the medium is just for me! Also, i wouldn't be using it for school.
  12. my large:

  13. I have the same one BlackButterfly has (great minds think alike!), and I loooovvee it!!
  14. great pics, everyone! i am definitely considering getting one for school!
  15. Wow thanks ladies! I want one even more now!!!!:love: