Carly Winehouse-Look at my daughters costume!! LOL!

  1. I convinced my 13 year old to go as Amy Winehouse this year (I love that ho!) and I think it came out great! Check it out:




    Her hair looks more "ratty" looks smooth but I ratted the heck out of it!!!
  2. LOL!!! she looks GREAT!!!!!!!
  3. Oh she is going to a halloween party tonight and tommorow, so I have to do this three times this week!
  4. :tup::roflmfao:

    Looks great I'd try the beehive I little bigger and the Blake pocket tat if you can.
  5. That is such a fabulous idea! She looks cute!

  6. The beehive is HUGE! I dont know why its not photography accurately. I thought it was to big in person! LOL!

    What do you mean by Blake pocket tat??
  7. That is so funny!! Good job!
  8. Haha! She looks awesome! Love the hair!!!! Awesome, thanks for posting!
  9. Ugghhh...I can't stand Amy Winehouse, but this is a FABULOUS costume! I love it.
  10. Great idea!
  11. LOVE that!!!
  12. OMG she looks awesome, hey where do you get the tattoo sleeves? I want to wear those to work on halloween.
  13. love it selena! :tup:can you add some funked out teeth too?:nuts: happy halloween!

  14. She got them at Walmart! They are just sleeves I think they were like $3!
  15. Walmart? :nuts: Oh cool thanks. I will definately pick some up.