Carly, Why 100 price difference?

  1. Ladies-

    Was anyone else surprised when they saw the large leather carly was 498 while the large sig carly is only 398?
    I'm so used to the sig/leather bags only being 20 dollars or so in difference.
    For example with the shoulder bags, sigs are 378 and leather is 398.
    Even at the high end Mandy sigs are 748 and the leathers are only 798 so only a 50 dollar difference.

    So why a 100 bucks with the Carly?

    In case you are wondering what brought this about:
    I bought the large leather in black today and didn't even look at the price until after I signed.
    Dumb me. I assumed it was 398. I may or may not take it back.

    Just wanted to know what you ladies thought about the price dif.
  2. My only thought is that the Carly leather version is vachetta leather which is a more expensive leather.
    The vachetta patina's over time (darkens and get's deeper over time, use and exposure to sun). I personally think that the signature price is high at $398.
    I don't think fabric, even Coach fabric should cost that much. Dooney & Bourke signature is much more affordable. I saw a Carly type style at Macy's yesterday in signature for $225. I thought the price was good and I did like the style unfortunately I am not much into signature - I am pretty much a leather and suede purist.
  3. I also think it's due to the fact that the leather Carlys are made of vachetta. I own the large black leather Carly and I love it. I bought it during the PCE so that brought the price down. Did you get yours with the F&F discount?
  4. It could also have to do with it being larger pieces of leather. On the mandy, it's smaller pieces of leather that are stiched together, with the pockets and the back pocket and everything. On the Carly, it's two BIG solid pieces of leather and then the two sides and bottom
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