carly vs slim carly

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am DYING for a Carly. I saw one today at Walgreens and i was like *GASP to my BF "LOOK, she has a carly..." and he was like " mean a coach bag right??" He's good with spotting them but by name he's liek "uhh..ali? carly?? lehigh??"

    But I was just wondering, could anyone post a picture of a slim carly and reg carly? I have back/shoulder problems also, so is there a very large difference in weight between the reg and the slim? Also is there is a significant difference between the leather and the sig? I want either parchment/drk. brown or sig/white.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

  2. I don't think there is a big difference in weight, if any. The main thing is the slim won't stand up on it's own, the drop is a little longer, and it's obviously slimmer. I prefer the regular carly for looks and a huge thing was the slim carly had a patent strap so it slipped off my shoulder CONSTANTLY. If you go on you can look them both up. Good Luck!! :tup:
  3. i had the regular carly i returned it and bought the slim carly brought it home tried it a couple of times and somehow i did not like the strap drop of the slim carly since i am only 5'1 and it seemed the bag was touching my knees so i took it back and once again brought the regular carly back home.also i did not like the slouch on the slim carly as it had a weird shape more on the rectangle side.hope it helps
  4. never knew this. never considered patent strap would slip... valuable info! ;)

    anyway, for you i would say Original Carly mite be best for you :tup:
  5. I just bought the med regular Carly. I looked at them both. The Slim has a longer strap drop. The Slim is wider with not as much depth. I have a back / neck problems as well and the regular seemed better for me. I bought the signature as it was lighter. This bag is a little heavier than you think and if you have a back problem you may not be able to use it as an everyday bag. Right now I only use mine when I am going out for dinner or to a movie. Someplace where I know it won't be on my shoulder for hours. if you can get to a store you may want to try one out. I totally understand though as I was dying for one too!!
  6. Thanks to everyone for your help!! I really think I want a sig carly as my spring bag!! =)
  7. I just read handbag*girl's post about the bag being a bit heavy. I want to get a carly, however I was wondering if you or anyone knows if it's possible to get a long strap from Coach that can be put on the Carly so that it can be carried across the chest. I think that would be a great idea, but not sure if it's possible :sad:

  8. Ohh that would look really nice as a cross body bag. :tup: I wonder if they'd have that available? :shrugs:
  9. Except for the strap length I didn't like the slim Carly at ALL when I saw it at Macy's. I was so dissapointed because I thought it might be a nice inbetween bag between the large and medium Carly! It's too slim if you ask me. =P
  10. Hello, I have a medium regular slim Carly in gold and khaki. Somehow the gold strap is lighter than the leather. Why I could not say. I picked up a cream slim /khaki Carly and when I brought it home and retried it with my stuff in it it all sank to the bottom and I hated the feel and look of it compared with my regular Carly. I did not want two of them unless I got black on black and I have a black slim legacy leather bag already. I have a bad back as well from a car accident and when I wear a heavier bag with only a few things in it, it does hurt, knees and back so I really simpathize with you. The medium carly filled light is really not as heavy as leather. I like the signature ergo's as well for a bad back. They are light and comfortable. Most signature are, but the Carly has heavy hardware. I hope that helps.
  11. I have a medium carly, and its perfect!!!!!

  12. :smile: I think I'm going to ask my friend who works at Coach if thats is available.

    Also, I was wondering, I see that on the Website there is a Bronze Khaki Carly, is that hte same as the Gold Khaki Carly?? ( I saw one at a store down in the US and it was gold, however I haven't been to a Coach store in Canada yet, but when I look on the website it says Bronze, but not sure if it's the same color!)
  13. I saw the slim in stores just recently and have to say, NOT a fan at all! :tdown: No offense meant at ALL to those who do like them.

    I thought they were just less wide, but I didn't know that there wasn't really a bottom at all! I definitely like the normal Carly's better.
  14. Yeah it's funny I hadn't even noticed the patent and right after I put it on it kept slipping off. it was hilarious.. I have heard a lot of girls on here have had the same issues. :tdown: I already own a medium Carly and I adore her! :love:
  15. I would say for you the medium regular carly would be good for you.. but I recommend trying them on at a store.

    I dont care for the slim carlys at all.