Carly Vs. Sig Tote

  1. My next purchase will either be the Sig tote in Chocolate or the Carly in chocolate.

    After *drooling* looking at one at Macy's the lady unlocked it and let me try it on. My hubby said it looked really good and was a perfect size. I fell in LOVE.

    I also like the sig tote I'm just afraid (I have big arms lol) it won't fit over my arm like I like them (which I guess I could just try one on at the store).

    Which would you get? Are the both just as roomy? I kind of like how the tote stands up alone you know? I have just been drooling over the Carly for SO long. Just curious if you have either why you love it or if you have both which you prefer.
  2. Well, i know the girls on here love the Carly's, but i have 2 sig stripe totes and they are awesome. they fit over my shoulder with no problems.
  3. carly!!!
  4. I don't know, I'm a sucker for Carlys, but I think it's up to two factors: which do you love and which would you find yourself using more frequently?
  5. I love the way Carly looks, but none of the sizes felt right on me. I would recommend the Carly if fits you comfortably.
  6. I think the Carly is cute, but I have the Sig Stripe Tote and it is AMAZING. I think the sizes of the Carly are too...weird. The large is way too big, but the medium is a bit too small.

    If it helps, I can fit a TON of stuff in my Sig Stripe Tote. Along with my regular purse things (agenda, makeup pouch, wallet, phone, etc) I can also squeeze in my DS, ipod, and either a magazine or a notebook.
  7. I don't have either one, but I like both. Well..I guess I'm no help :smile:
  8. I have the medium chocolate leather Carly and I LOVE her!!!! My vote goes to CARLY!!!!!!!!
  9. I had the large khaki carly and I felt it overwhelmed me-took it back to exchange it for the medium and it looked too small. I ended up with the north south chocolate signature tote which is the perfect size and I don't have to worry about it constantly slipping off my shoulder as it looks just as good being carried. I fretted about my carly for a month before I decided it just wasn't going to work for me and am happy I decided to go with the tote. either bag is beautiful-good luck!
  10. you have to get the carly!!! you refer to her with the words "LOVE" :heart: and "drooling" :drool: .. and you "like" the signature tote..

    i love the chocolate color too..
  11. If you can save up quickly go for both. I own 2 carly's and 1 signature tote (should say we). We love them both. But if you can't do that I love the way the carly fits on the shoulder with a coat on.
  12. Good point LOL.

    I am leaning more towards the Carly, especially after trying it on. I just wanted to get opinions and possible downfalls. Looks like my next bag will be a Carly :smile:

    Would the chocolate work as a year round bag? Really I could careless I'd still sport it anyway (plus I've got my current bag which is a spring/summer bag which I'm hesitant to part with...considering it but it I'll probably keep it LOL).

    Thanks ladies :smile: My friend's think I'm nuts to want a purse that costs so much (well some of them) so it's nice to "talk" to people who understand my passion hehe.
  13. My bias: not a Carly fan. Don't shoot me...I know she's super popular but I can't get myself into one.

    I do have two sig stripe totes and I adore them. Granted they are open top vs. the Carly zip top, but I just think for me the totes have a more versatile look...I can take them to work in a pantsuit or to the mall in jeans and a sweater. The carly is a little too casual for my taste at work. Plus, around here they are so dime a dozen (nothing wrong with that) so I don't want to just have one because everyone else does.
  14. Carly!! So cute, and gorgeous in Chocolate :smile:
  15. Get both! :drool: