Carly vs Carly vs Carly...


The best bag for you is...

  1. Regular Carly in black leather

  2. Slim Carly in black leather

  3. Large Carly in black leather

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  1. So I've been totally indecisive about the next bag I will be buying. I need a black bag and I've narrowed it down to regular Carly, slim Carly, or large Carly- all in black leather.

    Do any of you own all three or have a particular preference to one of these? I would :heart: feedback.

    I need something that is versatile and easy to tote around for work and on weekends. I'm 5'6" and in my late 20s. I don't need a huge bag, but I like to have enough room to store:

    ~ Coach wallet (French purse style)
    ~ Wristlet (Limited edition, measures 7"x3.5")
    ~ cell phone
    ~ 2.5 oz hand sanitizing gel
    ~ keys
    ~ pen, lipgloss, lipliner, oil blotting paper

    and on occasion:
    ~ iPod nano
    ~ umbrella
    ~ book
  2. IMO the slim looks funny. It's too wide and not tall enough. I think they should have made it a little taller to even it out.

    Anywho by what you are describing, I think the medium would fit everything you want but just to warn you, the strap drop length is not that long. It's hard to put it on with one hand in sig, the leather might be easier since it's softer.

    I personally would get the large though. You are the same height as me and I got the large in sig and I LOVE IT. At first I thought it was too big but it slouches so nicely that I think it looks great!

    so that's my two cents!
  3. The bigger the better.. LARGE!
  4. I have my eye on the slim carly in black, it has a 10 inch drop (which I find more comfy) compared to the 7 inch on the large and the 6 1/2 on those that they simply label 'Carly' which I am assuming is the medium. I also like the longer width than height on the Slim Carly as compared to the taller height of the large carly which I do not find as appealing. I also prefer the size of the Slim Carly - I have really had my eye on this bag. :smile:

    Have fun with your decision! I wish I was at a point where I could pick one up right now!

  5. I purchased the black leather Carly and I TOTALLY love it. The drop is perfect and it fold a lot of stuff. I would highly recommend it !
  6. I've already decided that my next bag will be the medium black leather Carly! I think the medium could fit all that you carry. Or you could go with the large if you want to pack more stuff in there. The large would be a good size for your height. However, it can get pretty heavy, especially if you have a lot in there.
  7. haha! I'm going to go against the grain, and say that I LOVE the Large Black leather Carly. But if you don't go w/ the large, I'd say go w/ the medium. The slim doesn't seem to do it for me. I dunno, maybe I'd have to see it irl....but I still say go w/ one of the other two. Do you usually like bigger bags? If so, I'd go w/ the Large.
  8. Oh, I just saw that you also said on occasion, you'd like to be able to carry an umbrella or a book. You'd never be able to do this w/ a medium....I used to have a medium, and believe me, I tried. I think it's nice to have a little bit of extra room if you need it. I LOVE the Carly, but as a friendly warning.....they are heavy, and leather will be even more so. Hope this helps!
  9. I don't find the Carly to be very heavy, particularly in the buttery soft leather. I would get the large one - the medium just doesn't work well for work to weekend use IMO. I tried it, and it just didn't work for me. I'm much happier with the large, because even if I don't fill it up all the way, the bag slouches down and doesn't feel bulky or stiff.
  10. If you can pull off the large, that's what I would recommend! You likely won't be able to fit the umbrella and book in a medium with your regular stuff. I'm not a fan of the slim.
  11. If you want to be able to carry a book and umbrella you should definitely go for the large!
  12. Go big or go home......I vote large!
  13. I vote for the large as well!!
  14. Large Leather Carly all the way!
  15. yea, i dont mind large bags and Im sorta leanin towards large Carly cuz I do like the way it droops. i never compared all three at the store, and ive been puttin it off cuz I cant bare to visit the store then leave empty handed! i originally liked Slim Carly cuz of the patent leather strap on the Signature version and how it was taller than Carly, but decided to go with an all leather bag, in which I dont think the Slim has Patent leather. So i guess now Im trying to decide b/t Large Carly or Slim Carly... :confused1: