Carly Vachetta leather care?

  1. I just ordered the large Carly in Chili and now I'm reading a little about Vachetta leather. Is it difficult to care for? Will it stain easily? I'm going to be using it for a combination handbag/baby bag so it's going to get a fair amount of wear and use for baby stuff.

    I also ordered the Madeline business tote in Buck Skin for the same purpose. Anyone know if they are the same leather?
  2. the carly doesn't have vachetta leather. but to answer your question, yes vachetta stains easy and there is nothing you can do about it.
  3. If it doesn't, that's great! But the description on the website for the large Carly says:
    Vachetta with lightweight leather trim

    oh, to be clear, I bought it in all leather, not the signature.
  4. yeah, it's deff not vachetta. The website often has misprints.