Carly Strap Long Enough?

  1. hi there,

    i'm new here! i have a question for you other carly lovers: do you find the strap is long enough to carry it comfortably on your shoulder. i'm a plus-sizer and i'm concerned that the strap won't be long enough. thanks for the input! ;)
  2. I do wish it were longer but I deal with it.
  3. Hi there!!! First of all, welcome to tPF!!!! I love my carlys. The length of the strap is actually very nice. And the way the bag slouches, makes the drop even longer. :tup: I'd say go for it! It's a great bag!

    Edit: By the way, I'm talking about the large carly. I had a medium for awhile, and the drop wasn't terrible on that one either, but I prefer the large.
  4. thanks for the replies so far, ladies!

    does anyone know if there's a strap extender you can get? i'd get the carly large, but i just don't need that kind of space...
  5. The medium has a descent drop and the large has a great drop. :yes: I had a medium and thought the large was huge but just converted and LOVE the large.. I don't carry a lot at all but that is what is nice.. the slouch is tdf and it looks great and I can always put more in it when I want. You can't go wrong with a Carly! :tup:
  6. The drop on the medium Carly was not sufficient for me. For this reason I purchased
    the Large which suits me fine.
  7. thanks so much everyone. what a great welcome!

    could someone measure their strap on a carly medium from the tip of one buckle to the tip of the other? i know the website says the strap is 12.5" but i'm just wondering if that includes the buckle or not. thanks for all your trouble!
  8. On my medium...from the tip of the buckle to the other large O-Ring (there is only one buckle) I'm getting 15 1/2". The drop length without slouch is about 6 1/2" and with slouch is about 8 1/2".
  9. kphillips, thanks SOOOO much! that's exactly the info i needed! awesome!:tup:
  10. You're welcome ;)
    I'm 5'flat and weigh 125 and it fits on me just great! Even with a thick winter jacket. The large was a little overwhelming for my shortness! Maybe the slim would be a little better fit as an in-between size. Hope you find a Carly that works out for you - she's one of my favs!!
  11. I am also a plus sizer, blah, but anyways! I bought the med Carly and hated the drop because my arm went of it and made me look even bigger! So I went for the large Carly and I love it. I am looking to getting more colors that is how much I love it.
  12. thanks again ladies! my new carly sig black med is "in the mail." woohoo! with the measurements from kphillips, i know it'll be fine. thanks again. this'll be a great addition to my collection. this message board will surely become a new addiction. thanks. i think?! :p