carly spotting at outlets?

  1. Hi! I was just wondering if Carlys ever hit the outlets and if they did, what styles (signature, leather, etc) did they have and the price. Anything at the woodbury outlets? TIA!
  2. I've seen the denim and jade cotton ones, camel leather, and blue suede at the outlets over the past couple of months...
  3. I got my denim one from the outlet around the beginning of July. I was just at the outlet in CT yesterday, and they didn't have any.
  4. I've seen teh extra large canvas carly's at the camarillo outlets. this was in august.
  5. I haven't seen them at the Gilroy outlet the last time I was there but I heard they go fast if they do get them.
  6. The vacaville outlet has the beige and blue suade large Carly's. It has the snake skin handle. I forgot exactly how much but it's in the $300's plus 20% off.
  7. my sister went to the chicago one yesterday and got the leather carly
  8. i got the suede one from riverhead!!! u should go there instead of woodbury commons because they got the extra 25% off
  9. then again, place it on hold first if u want the suede one.. did not see any leather ones

  10. I miss the Riverhead outlets! We lived in Weshtampton Beach for six years, and it was so nice to have the outlets close by. I haven't been there in ages now that we are 3+ hours away :sad:
  11. aww that sucks :sad:
  12. my mistake, my sister did not get her leather carlyfrom an outlet
  13. There were some camel and blue suede, and canvas/jade ones at the outlets in SoCal.
  14. I just came back from the outlets in Delaware with a medium parchment leather Carly. I paid $215.