Carly sold out everywhere!

  1. Well, I think it's time to give up! Called my store today to order the Carly-and it's sold out everywhere. Do you think it'd be so totally wrong to buy another bag around that price and then wait until they available again and do an exchange? I don't want to make my SAs mad--I already have to return the Ali and signature demi and I don't want to be put on 'that list' of people who return, kwim? Or maybe I just need to give it up all around and try to find one on eBay! :crybaby: I appreciate everyone's help with my purse issues! :smile:

  2. What size Carly is sold out? I bought the large one a few months's sold out already? When I was at the Coach store last week I saw the small ones....huh..glad I got it when I did!!
  3. Oh, yeah, it was the large! I'm bummed!

  4. which one are you looking for...meaning which color?
  5. I don't know what color you're looking for...

    But I was in the store in Troy, MI yesterday and they had at least a few LARGE Carlys on display!!! Give them a call and see if they can ship to you!!

    I will look up the number... give me one minute here...
  6. ^^same here...we had large bags in both Columbus stores.
  7. I'm looking for the large Carly in either brass/saddle or the brass/khaki/gold! OMG! I wonder if they'd give it to me at the PCE price since I've already used my card--can they look me up? Now I'm wondering why the SA told me that they are sold out without even checking in the computer. I also checked on eBay but the BIN prices are almost the same as retail and I'd much rather pay an extra $20 and KNOW it's real, kwim?

  8. They have so many in our local military base stores! Plus they are cheaper than retail with no tax. I'd help you out but I don't know if they have those colors. Lots of black leather in the larges.

    It seems as if they should check other stores. My SA always looks elsewhere if she doesn't have something for me in store or available from the warehouse.
  9. I purchased the large khaki saddle last week and they had to get it from a California store. It hasn't been delivered so I am still holding my breath and hoping that I get it.
  10. Do you mean the signature one with Saddle leather? I just ordered it at the store yesterday at 5:30 pm. It is coming to my house tommorrow. It is in the Fedex hand now.
  11. they had it at the grove (farmers market) store in LA earlier this week!
  12. Gosh, i was just getting ready to flip:rolleyes: The Carly is one of my wishlist items. I guess I better act quickly before it gets away.

    I saw quite a few in my area. All may not be lost...don't cry and don't give up. i'm sure one will turn up for you.
  13. it'll turn up soon enough. dont worry. sometimes people return them or they are justing hiding some where. itll all work out. if you can, you should def. check out the military store like LuvMyCoach suggested!
  14. i had been told for weeks the large carly in chambray was sold out- but they found two of them last weekend for me. still waiting on it to be delivered to the store (mom is getting suspicious at all my new packages getting delivered, lol).

    don't worry- something will show up.
  15. has anyone seen the medium ones in khaki/saddle?