Carly size comparison

  1. I'm debating whether to get the Carly in regular or large...Signature or Leather....

    Does anyone have pics of the large or regular being worn? I'm 5'3", 120 lbs and want a big bag but I don't want it too big.....

  2. ^I am sure I can find you some... be right back! :yes:
  3. I'm about the same size as you (either 5 2 or 5 3 and 107 lbs) camera should be charged by now so I'll go take a pic :smile:
  4. ok here's a pic--mine's the med choc carly. excuse the semi-dirty bathroom, it's my brothers
  5. I think the signature large Carly looks too big - there are too many big C's going on and the pretty letters get disproportionate, but I do like the large in leather. I have a medium black leather and a medium khaki/saddle signature. I am 5'3" 108-110 lbs and the large signature in khaki looks way too big on me. A solid color (either leather or all one color sig like SweetiPie's chocolate, which is gorgeous and looks great on you by the way!) looks much better in large and not overwhelming.
  6. thanks everyone!! :yahoo:I absolutely adore the medium in khaki and black...but I can't decide which color...hmmm
  7. Here you go. My medium and alrge Carly. I'm 5'6, 130lbs. I don't like hoe the Large Carly falls on my left shoulder as seem here in the pic, but she looks GLORIOUS on my right shoulder. =)
  8. I think i've decided on the carly signature...medium...I can't decide between the khaki/saddle or the black...everyone needs a black bag right? Help me decide! :biggrin:
  9. Have you considered the khaki/black like candy is wearing in the photo above? I think that would be the most practical. You could wear it with black or brown and I think that color combination is just stunning. If you don't like that, I'd get the all black signature. I have a Carly demi in black signature and it's so nice! :yes:

  10. I think i'm gonna get the black :tup:
  11. ooh la la la :nuts:
    cant wait till i can get mine!!
  12. Is that the signature Carly in Chocolate. I have that one. Thanks!!!
  13. It is a great bag.

  14. OMG!!!!!!! That is one GORGEOUS bag!!!! I love the chocolate color and the gold hardware!!!! Uh-oh...did I find my next bag?