Carly Signature Top Handle Pouch

  1. Does anyone have this bag ?

    Size wise what do yo carry in it ?

    I have seen the large, way to big. I have also seen the medium sized one and want to make sure of which one I want, before I put out some money .
  2. i have the medium and i love it, its the perfect size for an everyday type bag cuz it fits everything in side, i agree the large is too big, i'm 5'2. the smaller one it too small for me.
  3. ohhhh!! it worked! hahahaa
  4. I have the pouch and I like it alot. My only complaint is the stupid handle for the signature- it is very different from what is shown online- it is just a straight leather strap. But aside from that- it is a cute going out/ shopping bag. I can actually fit quite alot in mine- wallet, skinny, kets, 2 compacts, gum, 2 pens, and I still have lots of room AND it can actually fit over my shoulder!!! I think it is such a cute style - I am very happy with it :smile:
  5. Betty Boop has one here's a pic she posted on another thread.
  6. It's small for me, but I like big bags and am 5'7" so can usually pull them off.
  7. I"ve just ordered a signature in saddle tonight!!

    NoraKat The associate told me the handle was different - I was a little disappointed, but don't mind that much... I think it will be the perfect size for me and can't wait!!

    I'll post pics too.

    Hope you decide clb1968!