carly signature: saddle vs. gold?

  1. ive only seen the carly signature in black and saddle IRL...

    what's the difference between the saddle and the gold? the site has them available on different dates, and neither of them can be viewed. i have seen the saddle @ macys, etc, and the black..but how does the gold look? is the fabric and the print lighter/more metallic than the saddle?

    im kinda new to this, and clearly, clueless:p

  2. Gold [​IMG]

    Saddle [​IMG]
  3. pic of my gold:


    personally i liked the gold more than the saddle.
  4. ^^^ Batgirl has great taste ;)
    I agree. I prefer the gold also...much more elegant, IMO.
  5. definately the GOLD........beautiful:yes:
  6. the gold is subtle so it can work well with just about any outfit.
  7. Love the gold! WOW!!!
  8. The large carly in the gold won't be available til May for online orders :sad: So I wonder if they can be ordered for PCE. Its on my "Thinking about" PCE List.
  9. I love the gold!!!I put it on hold for the PCE. It used to be available online (as of a few days ago) - I was watching it for a few weeks. I saw that it is not available anymore. My local stores only had a handful left. The SA told me the one I put on hold was the last one in stock. I think you'll be allowed to order it for the PCE.
  10. thanks for the replies guys!

    i knew there had to be a difference.

    im interested in the medium size, but lots of coach stores tell me they're sold out and dont know when or if they'll get anymore :sad:

    just the large is coming out in may? wasn't the large already out, or am i mistaken?
  11. Hmmmm, I like the Gold best :smile:

  12. sorry for my ignorance, but what's PCE?
  13. I'm holding out for the angora, it's an off-white.
  14. Michelle: PCE is the Preferred Customer Event where some customers get a coupon for 25% off. You can do a search and find tons of threads on the PCE.
  15. Saddle!