Carly Signature or Ergo Sig. Tote

  1. I am taking back the Bleecker sig. duffle that I received today. yuck, what was I thinking!!!!!! So I'm debating on getting either the Carly Sig. in black, or the ergo sig. tote in black also. I'm thinking I want more of a shoulder bag, but could the tote be used that way too?

    It has to be in black!!!

    I'm also thinking the Large sig. carly , but I'm wondering if it'll be too big for me. Is there that much of a size difference between the sm and large?
  2. there is a HUGE difference in the medium/large carly I think... I wish coach would make the medium just a TINY bit bigger... sigh but anyway, I think either one is a great choice.. .the carly obviously will be heavier and have more hardware and be more slouchy, I would just go try them on and see what you think irl. good luck! :tup:
  3. Oh man, I'm not going to be much help because I have both. Well, not the Ergo tote I have the hobo but I'd LOVE to have the tote when I start working. I also have a Carly demi. They're both gorgeous bags. If you want a shoulder bag I think I'd go with the Carly but damnit I love the Ergo tote too. Now you have ME all conflicted and I'm not even the one who needs advice! LOL!
  4. By the way, your puppies are ADORABLE!!!!! Are they a boxer and puggle?
  5. I like the Carly for its looks but I like the ergo for its comfort. There is a really big size difference between the large and the med. Carlys.
  6. If Carly works for you (the size and holds what you need) then I say sig Carly. I saw a girl carrying a med Khaki/Saddle Carly today and of course I had to stare. That is one bag that I always notice and the large and med both look good on people.
  7. I would go to the store and try both on...I used to have an Ergo tote but returned because one strap was always falling off me. (I have narrow shoulders) but if you can do a double strap over the shoudler, I say go for the Ergo!
  8. Since I have both...and if I had to do it again, I would skip the Carly and do the Ergo tote.
  9. ^^ DITTO. The Carly is trendy and very cute, but personally, I'm getting sick of seeing them. The Ergo Tote is much more comfortable, and does hold a lot.

    In terms of what can fit in the bag: med carly < ergo tote < large carly.
    I generally carry either an accordion zip or slim envelope wallet, wristlet, small make-up bag, treo cell phone, home/car keys, work keys with flash drive, and a calendar (very slim). I can't seem to fit all this and wear the medium carly comfortably, but do just fine in the ergo tote and large carly.

    As far as comfort: Ergo tote is way more comfy!
  10. I have them both also. I would say the Carly mainly because of the zipper. I am not crazy about the dogleash closure.