Carly Signature Large

  1. I got my new Madeline Handbag and I don't like the straps on it. So I am looking at getting the Carly Signature Large in Brass/Khaki/Bronze .. but I noticed there wasnt a wallet to match it what would you guys put with it?? I saw the HAMPTONS SIGNATURE SCARF PRINT SLIM ENVELOPE WALLET in BRASS/ KHAKI/ GOLD .. its not bronze but its the only similar color.


  2. they look great together, very complimentary!
  3. I think that the wallet is a perfect fit with that Carly!!! :tup:
  4. the straps on the madeline bag was just uncomfortable to me.. I heard that the strap on the Carly bag is a little bit more comfortable?
  5. I think they look great together and I think they will match. I was actually in the boutique yesterday and saw that exact Carly. It does not look bronze at all IRL. To me, it looks almost identical to the khaki/gold that was out last year.
  6. Have you seen the khaki/bronze IRL? I saw it the other day and it is the same as the gold basically. So any gold/khaki wallet would match perfectly.
  7. I think those two would make a very handsome pair! I'm sorry to hear about your Madeline! Mine is supposed to be here by Weds. I hope the Carly works for you!
  8. Yeah I think it will look great.. the bronze is a lot like the old gold, but to me a little duller or darker? I like it a lot! :tup:
  9. does anyone here personally have a large carly? how does it feel on your shoulders?
  10. ^^^I have a large chocolate Carly! I LOVE the slouch she makes, and she feels great on my shoulder., does not slip off...HOWEVER she is just too large for my everyday needs of a bag. She is now my "travelling bag" as my family takes alot of vacations per year!!!! She is a GREAT looking bag and I LOVE her!!!!
  11. they would look great together.
  12. now I want the new coach heritage collection in khaki/pink
  13. I think that the wallet looks great with that Carly! The Heritage line in pink is beautiful as well. If you are looking more for an everyday type bag I would go with the Carly.
  14. Those would look really cute together!
  15. Yeah they look really similar! Looks like a perfect match to me!