Carly questions

  1. Alright well I love this bag, but yesterday when i checked one of the Coach boutiques here it wasn't stocked yet :cursing: and I'm just dying to know a few things...from anyone who already has theirs. Of course I'm going to check it out in person before buying it though.

    How wide is the shoulder strap and does it stay on your shoulder easily with a jacket on? My current bag always falls off :sad:

    What color is the liner in the black leather and signature?

    Is it easy to dig in the bag with it on your shoulder?

    Is the bag too deep making it hard to find things?

    Looking at the large size btw but if you have the regular size feel free to post too as I might get the regular size after seeing it in person...just not sure if my notebooks would fit.

  2. Hmmm. I haven't had a chance to wear mine yet since I just got her on Friday, but I'll do my best to answer some of your questions.

    I measured the shoulder strap, and at the widest part, it is about two inches wide. I haven't tried it with a jacket yet, but I don't think it will be a problem since the top slouches down a bit.

    I've the black leather in large and the lining looks like an olive green color in the satiny fabric.

    The bag sits somewhat close, so getting into it while on your shoulder could be difficult, but not impossible. Like I said, the top slouches down somewhat, so it gives you more "wiggle room".

    Well, I haven't had a chance to take her out yet, but I've tried her on with all my stuff in it and haven't had a problem with the bag being too deep. I've got all my stuff sort of condensed into smaller bags, so it probably makes it a bit easier to find things.:shrugs:

    Also, by regular size, do you mean the medium? If so, I saw this one at Macy's today and it looked a bit too small for notebooks to me. If you're looking to carry notebooks with you, I'd go for the large.
  3. Thanks for your reply :smile:
    Hmm yeah my notebooks are slightly smaller than standard US sizes but according to measurements they would fit in the medium but I'm worried about it killing the slouch so it sounds like the large is a safer bet.
    I really hope the stores here have her soon because I am dying to see her in person so I can confirm because I really want to get it ordered awhile since it's going to be awhile before I get her :crybaby: They really jack up the prices on alot of foreign designer goods in Japan, In the Coach boutique the other day they had hamptons carryalls and satchels for around $750 :wtf: Checkbook wallets were around 4-500...just to give some idea. So having mom buy it off and ship to me-the wait will kill :s
  4. I have the medium Carly in parchment and love it, but from what you're describing as your needs, you'd probably be better off with the large.

    As far as the strap goes, I have no issues with it slipping off my shoulder. I do have to take the bag off my shoulder to get into it, but that might be different with the larger version.

    I can't believe the mark-up on the prices you posted! Glad your mom can help you out - you should have her call and order it from a boutique - I don't know if they'd ship overseas, but they'd definitely ship it to her (assuming she's in the US) for free.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  5. I have the large Carly in black leather and the strap is wide enough to wear with a jacket. I've worn it for a week now and had no problem really with the strap slipping off. It's pretty easy to dig into while wearing it on the shoulder because the opening is pretty wide. And as for the lining it is an olive green in a satiny matieral as maxie said.

    The Carly holds so much stuff which is why I love it. But it's a little heavy in the leather but nothing anyone can't handle. I've been hearing it for a week and the leather kind of soften so it slouches a bit more which adds more charm to the bag I think. If you buy it you'll love it no doubt about it.
  6. Sunsets referenced the thread with my medium carly already but here's some additional info. The shoulder strap is wider than any of my other bags but still stays on my shoulder even when wearing my leather coat. I can't get into it without taking it off my shoulder though as it fits right under the arm leaving little room to reach in. (that's true at least with my coat on) The medium is not a real big bag, it's perfect for me but it's not like carrying a tote. Sounds like you may need the large judging by my experience and that of chyeah. Post if you get one!
  7. I have a black large and here's the inside:


    I don't know how (or if) they've changed the bags from Pilot to Release.

    The shoulder strap is wide, and I don't have a problem with it falling off my coats...from my lighter coat, to my bubble coats, the bag fits. Actually, that was a requirement when I was trying the bag on. I didn't want it if it couldn't fit over my coat. So you'll definitely be okay there.

    Notebooks will definitely fit into the bag. All last quarter, I pretty much used it as a school tote for my classes. I didn't have to carry large texts to class, so a binder, a folder, or a spiral notebook will all fit with your normal purse guts.

    The bag is deep, but i don't have problems finding anything because i am a neat freak. I keep everything in pouches, cases, whatever, so I know where things are, not to mention it has 3 interior pockets. I can dig into my bag with it on.

    Hope this helps...if you need any more info, let me know.