Carly questions.

  1. Hi all. I've been lusting over the Carly bag (as many of us have been) for a long time now, and have been toying around with the idea of buying one soon. But I have a couple questions that I was hoping some of you might be able to answer.

    1. I'm one of those people that carries a lot with them. Most of which I need with me. The gigantic Coach sunglasses case, being one of them (I need to wear prescription sunglasses, so this is a necessity, unfortunately). I was wondering how much you fit in your Carlys, without making it look so over-stuffed (I'm kind of tired of looking as though I tote around a small child in my bag)?

    2. Do you prefer the large or the medium? Like I said, I carry a lot with me, but I'm not sure if the large would be ridiculously huge.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I'd suggest that you should get the large since you carry a sunglasses case in your bag. I have a medium Carly and it's pretty full after my wallet and makeup bag inside.
  3. i can get a lot in my medium, including my glasses and sunglasses in their cases. i woudl go to the boutique and try to put you things in the bags and c.
  4. definitely go into a boutique and try out both bags.

    as much as I love the shape/slouch/size of the carly large...I didn't like the billboard of CC's it looked like on my if *I* were to get a large, I'd get it in leather. (but of course, that's JMO)

    i do love my medium carly...i think it would be a tight fit with all the normal purse stuff AND the large coach sunglass case...if anything, it wouldn't slouch as much.

    but you be the judge, try it out!
  5. I would go for the large. The delicious slouch alone makes it worth it!!!
  6. I have a large and I can stuff it with a TON of things that I end up collecting throughout the day and i've never had it look overstuffed.

    I've had my planner (a Coach 6x8), wristlet, coin purse, a small book, "emergency" pouch, ipod, Nintendo DS, Starbucks thermos in it and it was fine.
  7. i have the small one, since i dont carry that much. but i would suggest the large if you carry around so much.
  8. I had a large Carly and ended up replacing it with the medium - because so much fits in it, it got so heavy it hurt my neck. The medium is a great size, and it comfortably holds a hard glasses case, wallet, cell phone, and other miscellaneous things without looking overstuffed.
  9. I have and love the medium and it can hold plenty.. but if you carry a ton of stuff you might want to get the large.. once it slouches it will look good and there is no way you can overfill that thing.. it's huge! :nuts: I would also suggest like the others that you go to the boutique and try them on.. and make sure you unstuff them, that makes a big difference too! :tup:
  10. I have the large Carly, and fit A LOT of things in it! I carry it to work, and have a wallet; Nintendo ds; game holder; sunglasses in case, iPod; book; sometimes a magazine (I love I can fit one in here); vitamin holder (long one for the week); skinny mini coin purse; and checkbook to name a few things ;) I would suggest trying the medium and large, and see what looks best on you, and will hold all your things :smile:
  11. [​IMG]

    i have a med carly..i love her and i can fit all this in her with room to spare...


    im getting my sunglasses soon and i will have the case too..there is plenty of room for it.
  12. perfect side by side pic of the bags...
    hope this will give you an idea.

    click pic to enlarge
  13. this is my large bag on a "light" day...i usually carry a larger makeup bag and a lv pochette inside as well.:

  14. I have both sizes (medium & large) but like the others have said, I suggest you try them out at the Boutique to see which one you'll prefer. It may depend on your stature if you don't want the Large to look too large on you. I tend to carry a lot in my purse, too, so the Large suits me best for that while still giving me that awesome "slouch". I hope you find the size that best fits you. Post pics when you do! Good luck with your search!
  15. I love my large Carly. I can fit a bunch in there without it looking huge.