carly questions!

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  1. Alright ladies, i'm not allowed to get any new bags for the rest of the year. HOWEVER, I can start dreaming about what to purchase next year, right?

    I really like the Large Carly. Do you girls think it's more trendy or classic? I don't want something that is going to be "out" in a year or two...I would rather buy something I can use for YEARS.

    Also, do you think the Carlys (Carlies? haha) will be available throughout next year? If not, i'll try to think of another bag I would like to purchase...otherwise I know to start saving up for this one!

    And perhaps....if anyone has both the Large Carly and the (medium) Ergo Hobo, what does the Carly fit in comparison to the Ergo? That would help me a lot.

    (if there is a thread already out there that's similar to this one, just point me to it!)
  2. i doubt that the large carly and medium hobo could hold the same items comfortably. my aunt has a white med. hobo and i know i couldn't fit everything in my large carly in there. on a good day, i have a planner, a notebook, pen case, a pochette, wallet, checkbook register, mini makeup bag, sk3, and dslite in there.

    i have used my carly as a school bag and put notebooks/binders/textbooks in there which are way too big for a medium hobo.

    personally, i think the carly is classic, especially my leather and my brown sig...there's nothing trendy about it to me...
  3. That helps! Actually, I might be leaning toward the Medium Carly now because I fit everything I need inside my Ergo Hobo.

    And I personally agree that it's a more classic bag, but it seems like some people don't think so?

    Well, thanks for your help! :smile:
  4. i love carlys, but some of it to me is trendy...IMO the denim is...i never was crazy about any denim bag from COACH or any designer, and even though it's cute, i think my all leather, or my all brown chocolate signature doesn't scream 'trend' as the scribbles, or the denim line.

    that's just me, though.
  5. Carly is def a classic bag, esp in the black/black or the khaki/ebony combos. I usually carry a ton in my Legacy shoulder, so when I went to try on the med Carly in chocolate, the SA let me transfer my things into the bag to see if it would all fit...and it ALL did, plus some!

    I think the Carly is around to stay and should be fairly easy to get for a while.

    Good luck!
  6. I have the large Carly in the black/black and it is definetly a classic.

  7. :yes:ditto!