Carly question

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  1. I've been bit by the Carly bug, so to speak, and I've decided that I like the leather brass/parchment combo. I was at a local boutique trying on the various Carly sizes, and the slim Carly seems to suit me the best.

    Now, on the website, here is how the brass/parchment leather Carlys look: This is the medium size:

    This is the large size:


    And here is the slim size:


    Now in all 3 pictures, the leather trim appears to be a dark brown. And the boutique had the medium and large versions of this bag, and the leather trim was indeed dark brown. But the trim on the slim bag was much lighter, like a tobacco shade, and very much like the brown leather trim on the optic signature Carly.

    When I asked the SA about this, she said that only the medium and large Carlys have the dark brown leather trim, but that the slim Carly has trim that is a lighter shade of brown. But doesn't the leather trim appear to be the same shade in all 3 of these photos? Please help!! I really want a slim carly in brass/parchment with the darker leather trim!
  2. Don't necessarily trust the pictures on the website. Take the rose color for instance. The website photos would have you believe that it is pink, however in real life, it is more of a coral. Go with what you saw at the boutique.
  3. ^^ I'd agree with that, trust your eyes not your computer!
  4. yep. u have to see it IRL before u decide on anything..tts the best way to know and compare..
  5. :yes:
  6. I got the slim Parchment one for my birthday and ended up exchanging it for the Large. I like the dark trim much better.