Carly Question...

  1. I was trying to figure out how you guys put the pad underneath the strap or whatever so it didnt slip etc?? how did u do it any pics of it? thanks
  2. sorry, I don't use one. :nogood:
  3. I have one on each of my carly's here it is on khaki/saddle and choc leather hope this helps.
    1-23-08 001.jpg 1-23-08 002.jpg 1-23-08 003.jpg 1-23-08 004.jpg
  4. what is that?? where did u get it from?? an if u want to take it off will it stain the bag?
  5. What is that and where can you get them? How much are they also?
  6. yeah I wonder the same thing.. :shame:
  7. Hmmm.....very interresting. We need more info. please!:smile:
  8. My mom's LV Nil shoulder bag came with a leather (shoulder) strap protector. It's made out of vachetta leather on the top side and has little rubber grips on the under side. It really helps her keep the bag's strap in place on her shoulder. I don't know where you would be able to purchase something similar as the one posted in the photos above though.
  9. They are Dr. Scholls heel slip shoe liners, they are in a clear and purple package in the insole foot aisle at walgreens, walmart, they are about $5 a package and there are two in each package. They are sticky on the back, but not overly sticky. I peeked and there is no residue, or staining on either of my bags and I have had them on there a few months now. Before Tulsamini told me about them I was ready to give up on Carly because I could NOT get her to stay on my shoulder, since I started using the heel thingys I don't know what I would do without Carly! I recommend them to everyone and thank Tulsamini so very much for enlightening me! I told my SA about them and showed her and she has started to recommend them too! Funny how a little heel thing helps for a bag:tup:

  10. thanks again for all your info I am going tonight to get some and try it out!!
  11. glad I could help!
  12. That is such a awesome idea! I am totally going to go out and get some! Thanks for sharing!
  13. OMG that is too funny. I had bought one of the patchwork blue indigo Carly's last June. I loved it but the bag just wouldn't stay on my shoulder for anything. So after a month of comtemplating it I took her back cause it seemed hopeless. :crybaby:But I am so glad I read this as now I am totally excited about getting a Carly. I was gonna get one anyway & just deal with the shoulder issue but now it looks more promising. LOL Now only to determine which color. I did want khaki/black leather, but now the khaki/red leather seems to be calling me towards it. Decisions. I hate decisions.
  14. I went out and bought some of the heel liner things.. Mokey is this the rite one?? I put one on my carly today and took a picture I will let u know how it works...




  15. ohh im so glad i opened this thread! i have to pick up a medium is always falling off my shoulder!