Carly problem...Would it bother you? Pics!

  1. I bought my Carly in November 2006. I only used it for about 3 weeks before I put it away. I took it out to use it again last week and noticed that a stitch came off a part of the bag. It doesn't effect the bag at all but I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks. Would you get it fixed or continue to use it as it is? I think it's too late to exchange it for a new one. I posted pics below. TIA!

    Part of bag stitch came off (stitches under 1st ring where clip attaches)

    Right side where the stitch is still in tact

    Left side where a stitch is missing
  2. ChiChi,
    Honestly, it's hard for me to see the missing stitch from your photos. If the problem doesn't compromise the bag and is just esthetic then I say love your Carly, use her with missing stitch and all! However, if it really bugs you take her back to Coach and see what they suggest. Good luck.
  3. Sorry I'm posting again but, I wanted to tell you I love your avatar to, so adorable! :heart: Chi's
  4. i would take it back and have them fix it. i see where you are talking about and with a lot of stress on the bag, the other side may also come loose
  5. Same thing happend to my Carly. I had only carried it for two weeks, so it was exchanged out for a new one.
    It did bother me alot. It's hard to see in your picture how bad it is, but if it bothers you I would definitely get it fixed.

    Good luck!
  6. I am sorry, but it is hard for me to see what you are talking about. If it bothers YOU, that is all that matters! If that is the case, I would take it to be fixed.
  7. I actually had the exact same thing happen to my black on black sig Carly too. The same stitches you're talking about came off both sides of my bag. Mine was an IR purchase so I figured maybe that had happened just because of that, so I didn't think too much of it, but it did bug me a little that they came out. The bag is still fine though.
  8. I think that we pay enough for coach bags, stitches should not be coming out of them! It would def bother me, and I would have it fixed!! :yes:
  9. I agree with everyone...return her for a fixin', or a new one!
  10. I can't see the stitch but I think like others have said, we pay enough for these bags to expect quality! I would take it to the boutique and see if you can trade it or atleast get it repaired.
  11. I say get it fixed.
  12. Yep I say get it fixed too-if you are gonna pay for a quality bag then it should stay in better shape for longer right?
  13. Thank you!
  14. It bothers me a little bit so I think I'll be getting it fixed. I spent a good amount of money on it so I'd want it to be perfect. It annoys me when I buy expensive bags & something like this happens....especially since I am VERY easy on my bags. I just thought that if I brought it in for a stitch to be repaired they'd think I'm Thank you for your opinions :yes:
  15. I keep gettign paranoid about something like this happening to my Carly. I dont think it would horribly bother me, but I would want to get it fixed if it got any worse.