Carly Pouch and Dust Bag

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  1. Did anyone get a dust bag(cover) with their Carly Pouch?
  2. Don't they only give dustbags out with purses? I believe top handle pouches are considered cosmetic pouches, so they wouldn't come with one..*could be wrong, of course*
  3. I didn't get one. I ordered it from JAX. I also didn't get one with my swing pack, ordered from a boutique. is the swing pack considered a cosmetic too?!
  4. ^I don't believe swingpacks are considered beauty cases. Maybe they don't send one with swingpacks because they're so small? Dunno.
  5. Yes. I bought a Carly pouch last weekend from the boutique and it came with a dust bag... like the rest of them.
  6. darn! I want one for both of those bags then.. I think I'm going to call JAX? they will send them for free right?
  7. My carly also came with a dust bag.
  8. Maybe you could just go into a boutique and ask for a couple? I've done that before, and they were always really nice about giving me one. :smile:
  9. I think in general pouches do not come with dustbags. Maybe the boutique will add it if you ask or if they have extra. Small purses have also been known to be dust-bag-free.
  10. thank you for the advice! I live about three hours from a boutique but will call down next week and see what my SA can send up. thank you!!