Carly Poll


Serious Carly Poll

  1. Camel Leather Carly

  2. Signature Cotton Chocolate Carly

  3. Signature Khaki/Saddle Carly

  4. Signature Khaki/Gold Carly

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Leather Camel Carly (yellow lining is so cute)
    Chocolate Signature Carly (the signature is so fresh)
    Khaki/Sadel Signature Carly (this matches everything)
    Khaki/Gold Signature Carly (gold is gorgeous)

    please help me choose, thanks.
  2. Definetely the Choco sig. Carly. I have it and its beautiful!
  3. I voted khaki/saddle!
  4. I voted khaki/saddle...
  5. I voted khaki/saddle. I love the combo. Camel leather would be a close second.
  6. I voted khaki/saddle; I just love that combo!! My second choice would be the khaki/gold :smile:
  7. Another vote for khaki/saddle
  8. I love the chocolate sig carly IRL.. it's so cute! Have you felt the camel leather one in person? I thought I really wanted it, but then I went and felt it at the boutique. The leather was kind of stiff and felt plastic-y. It didn't have the soft, supple leather feel of most other high quality bags so I wasn't very impressed.
  9. Khaki/gold -- the gold is gorgeous and can be dressed up or down!
  10. khaki/saddle for me, too - classic combo!
  11. i voted khaki gold--> imo the signature pattern and gold looks so pretty it'll go with nearly everything, it would look awesome with jeans and a cute solid shirt! i think it's almost as versitle as khaki saddle...but prettier!:girlsigh:
  12. I voted kakhi/ saddle - very versatile!
  13. Even though you didn't choose any of MY Carlys :blah: I will choose from the list and say khaki/saddle which I think is one of the most versatile and a 4 season bag.
  14. Mmm camel leather :drool: