Carly Overload...

  1. So, just say, hypothetically, that you have 3 Carlys. Just hypothetically. You have a Khaki/Gold, a chocolate signature, and a Camel leather Carly.

    Say you've considered parting with the Khaki/Gold one. (None of the others are on the chopping block in this hypothetical.)

    Would you decide to get rid of it or keep it, and how would you arrive at that decision?
  2. get rid of it IMO. I personally would use the choc carly and the camel alot more.

    That camel one is soooo HOT and I bought it and then returned it cuz I couldn't find a wallet to match and I am super anal about being matchy.
  3. I say that you can never have too many Carly's.
    I LOVE my large Carly's and wouldn't part with them.
    The khaki/gold is so stunning and so sought after that I would definitely make it a keeper if it were me.
  4. I would get rid of it...
    you don't need all 3 and teh camel alone is very versatile.
  5. I AGREE! The chocolate carly seems to be Coach's IT bag now!!! I had a problem w/ the medium shoulder strap being too short to wear w/ a heavy coat, so I am now considering the large is so nice to see everyone's pics and how the drop is so I can judge it w/ a heavy coat!!!!
  6. Yikes, tough one for me. But since Im an owner of 3 Carlys too I think I'd have to keep it. Maybe its cause I wish I had the gold and khaki too. OY!
  7. I say keep the khaki/gold b/c I really want 1 & they're completely sold out! Just bask in your Carlys & enjoy wearing them. I went into the boutique again today to rap my head around the Carly fascination, but the current colors don't do it for me. I think that the gold/khaki is by far the best one!
  8. i would keep the other 2 and give the khaki/gold to blackbutterfly because she's like THE nicest person ever and DESPERATELY wants a khaki/gold carly and would do anything for one!
  9. If you were going to sell one, my vote is also for the Khaki/gold. The chocolate Carly is TDF and the leather one will go with anything. You will be left with a signature and leather carly. They are all beautiful bags so good luck with the decision.
  10. I say keep it! OR make sure you are not going to regret parting with it once it's gone! I have 3 also and wouldn't part with any of them!
  11. As long as you use it, I'd say keep the gold one. It's so pretty and the Carly style is sooo beautiful.:yes:
  12. I'd say that if you're happy with the other two, sell the gold Carly. *Purse blasphemy!* I know, I know.

    It's a hot bag, and I bet you could get most of your investment back if it's in good shape (and I'm betting it is). If you don't LOVE it, make someone else's day by selling it and then put the money in the bank!

    Or, you could give it Blackbutterfly...I hear she's SUPER nice!:graucho:
  13. Well, I'll just come clean. I had listed it on eBay, and it sold, but the buyer was a non paying bidder. And now that it's not up for sale and I made my best attempt, I started to feel that... maybe I am meant to keep it. But I have too many bags, for the love! I need to do some real soul searching and figure out why I am feeling so reluctant to let go of it. Ai yi yi.

  14. OMG that sucks that you had to deal with a non paying buyer. I would LOVE to have a khaki gold carly. That is like my favorite bag and I have totally been lusting for it. If you don't really use it I would sell it, so someone else (LOL like me) can enjoy it. So I would try to list it again. Were you able to get your listing fees back? If you do find that you use the bag, then I would keep it, because its a beauty!
  15. It may be meant for you to keep it! It is the most trendy.