Carly or Zoe?


Mar 13, 2006
Hi everyone,

I have a question re: Carly. I bought a large chocolate leather Carly a few months ago but haven't used her b/c it's more like a fall colour. Anyhow, now that the Zoe's are out, i'm wondering if I should return the Carly for the Zoe. The carly is NWT and I still have the receipt. My worry is that the if the Zoe is replacing the Carly, will I have an outdated bag.
Jan 2, 2008
I have both the Large Carly in khaki/chocolate, as well as the Large Zoe in Black Leather... TBH, the Zoe may replace the Carly, but I don't think the Carly will ever go "outdated" IMHO... I love my Carly to death, and I also love the Zoe... I think its just personal preference... if you like a more squarish bag, stick w/the Carly, otherwise if you want a more rounded bag, go w/the Zoe... they both hang very similar on the shoulder and are both equal in size, so I think its just a matter of hardware and the style of the bag... I personally can't decide, I like them both!


Jun 29, 2008
I asked an SA that not too long ago. All SA's seem to have different answers, but my SA told me that even though the Zoe was similar to the Carly, it was not replacing the Carly. Since your Carly has tags on it, you could return it, buy a Zoe, and see if you like the Zoe more than the Carly.


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Aug 2, 2006
I agree I like them both for different reasons. I think the main advantage of the Zoe is they have made it more rounded and more manageable of a size and the biggest draw is the leather at the top and the leather strap at the sides/bottom to stop the fraying issues that Carly is famous for. I would go try one on and see what you think. GL! :tup:
Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
Carly's seem a little dated...i prefer the Zoe style...but you can try out can probably find your carly on ebay or the outlets by you can put the credit towards a new zoe and then rebuy the carly elsewhere


Jun 20, 2007
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sometimes i feel like my carly might b dated but heck it is still on the site! the thing is i didnt spend $400 to use it for one yr. it is still gonna b my main bag this season. i jsut cant keep up buying a new bag from every collection to b current. these are investment pieces and the second they arent in the boutique anymore i dont think they r dated.


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Jun 9, 2008
metro Detroit
I'm a huge Zoe fan, and while I like Carly, I think Zoe is more stylish. I like a rounded bag, so I'm biased. I'd get the Zoe and like others have said, get a Carly on the bay or at an outlet. Good luck!

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Mar 22, 2007
I don't have a carly, due to the slipping of the strap off my shoulders...(although someone offered a fix for that on here)...however, I tried on the leather Carly at the outlet and I will have to say...I like the look a bit better than the Zoe. At first I liked the Zoe, but now I'm thinking it's too round. Just me. I LOVED the way the Carly looked on. Very classy and great slouch. I myself would only buy the leather, thus the fray issue is gone. Good luck in your decision!:yes:


Aug 9, 2007
I carried a metallic Carly for a year and just recently exchanged it because of the fraying. It was also uncomfortable to carry, it was a bit heavy on the shoulder.

That said, I think the Zoe is fabulous!! It still has the slouchy look but in a more updated shape. The colors are great also- I'm dying for either the grey or crimson! :smile:


May 14, 2008
The Sunshine State
I just purchased a medium leather black Carly with my PCE. I love it! I think it is silly to say a bag that is this new and that is still available at the boutiques looks dated. And anyway, if you like the bag, who cares when it came out?

I have heard mixed things about Carly being replaced by Zoe. However, I personally cannot understand why Coach would want to keep two similar bags, so I will not be surprised if the Carly disappears soon. I finally purchased her because I know I will not get that significant of a discount at the outlets on the black leather even if it ends up there, and I didn't want to miss out.

Also, after looking at both bags, I just felt like the leather Carly looked better made than the leather Zoe.

Now I just have to save up and buy a Zoe in red patent.

Whatever you decide, they are both lovely bags.


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May 7, 2008
I agree with many of the TPFers above: return the Carly (it's going to fray sooner or later) since you haven't used it anyway and try the Zoe. If you don't like the Zoe, you can return it with the tags intact and get a refund. Also, you may consider getting a Carly leather which erases the fraying issue as well as having it in a nice fall colour.

Good luck!

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