Carly or signature strip tote in crimson?

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Which one should I get?

  1. Black Leather Carly

  2. Signature Stripe tote in Crimson

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I am trying to decide what bag I want this month, the black leather carly in medium or order a signature stripe tote in crimson?

    I love the crimson and the tote seems so functional but I love the carly too and seems like I would use that for a longer time.

    I just can't decide what to do, could you girls help me out?
  2. I love the crimson tote, so thats what I voted for. Black bags are generally easy to find year round, but the crimson seems limited.
  3. Crimson!!! :tup:
  4. Hmm, I like the crimson tote but I'm going with the Carly because it will last you a lifetime and the style is wonderful. I have the black leather medium and it's a perfect bag.
  5. Oh wow this is a tough one. Since I have the black sig. Carly I'd say Carly, but since I have the Navy sig. tote on its way........ I think I'll go with the Crimson.
  6. I'd love anything in Crimson...I'd go for that.
  7. CRIMSON! Such a gorgeous color and it is such a great tote (carries so much and with such class -- I love mine SO much!). I like the Carly too, but I think that the Crimson is more limited and so I would get the Crimson tote first and then the Carly.
  8. I vote for the crimson!! :p
  9. I have the large leather Carly and I enjoy it so I'd have to say Yes for the carly =)
  10. Hard choice...both are awesome....but I picked the carly.
  11. Hey Munchkyn! Did you decide yet?!!
  12. I LOVE my black leather Carly but I think the crimson tote is probably limited so get that one NOW. You can get the Carly next! :p
  13. Carly all the way!!!!
  14. I say Carly. I have the large black leather Carly, and I carry it every day. It was kind of heavy at first, but now I do not even think about it. I always look pulled together and stylish.
  15. I love my Crimson tote! Crimson is ah-mazing! :love: :tender: :girlsigh: