Carly or No Carly

  1. hi everyone

    i'm thinking about getting the new medium khaki/bronze carly but i am hesitant because of the fraying issues that have been mentioned by some people on the forum...

    i just wanted to get an idea of how many people who have the carly have had fraying issues and what their experiences have been with this bag? i know a lot of people on here like the carly but is it worth it if it will eventually fray?

    also does signature fabric get dirty quickly? i don't have anything in signature...almost all of my bags are leather with the exception of the optic satchel but i only use that once in a while...while the carly will be my everyday bag...

    i'm so confused :s:girlsigh:!! any input from u guys would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I've had my carly since november of last year and have no fraying issues. i have the signature medium in black. Just as long you take care of it and don't get it too dirty you would be fine.
  3. I have a carly and love it! :tup: I have seen the fraying issues a lot on eBay.. I was concerned and told by the manager that it is an issue but only on a few (compared to how many they sell) and Coach will stand behind it 100%. Knowing this I decided to buy one.. if Coach didn't fix or replace it that would be another story.. and while I think it is an issue I do think we see the worst more on the internet when if you think about it they sell millions of these. :tup: Go for it! :okay:
  4. I have a medium Chocolate Sig Carly and a medium Indigo Blue Patchwork Carly since mid 2007. I haven't had any fraying issues (I don't use these purses daily but I do use them frequently) nor any "dirt" issues. If you're really concerned about them appearing "dirty" over time, you may want to consider buying a darker colored sig Carly. Although, I've heard it's quite easy to clean them with baby wipes, etc. Good luck on your decision! Post pics when you decide!
  5. Carly is awesome! Go for it!!

    My Khaki/Beet Lg Carly has had NO fraying!
  6. thanks 4 ur input...i will def let u know what i decide!
  7. i have med blakc use it every day since late nov. no fraying even w my wool coat under it
  8. I have that exact Carly (in the khaki/bronze color) Its much more gold in person. I LOVE her, and haven't had any problems with getting it dirty, or any fraying. Ive used it for 1 month straight now.
  9. I have a chocolate Carly...I abuse it (using it since Sept) and it doesn't fray.
  10. I say if YOU love the bag, then GO FOR IT!!! Coach will stand behind their products if something were to happen to it! But, dont let the fear that it MIGHT happen stop you from getting the bag you really want!!!!!