Carly or Leather Legacy?

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medium carly or leather legacy shoulder bag for work?

  1. Carly

  2. Legacy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I thought I wan another work bag. Currently carrying burberry's brown bag and thinking of having another work bag to switch around

    I have looked at everyone's carly and spent alot of time going back and forth coach website... so in the end, I am left with 2 choices - medium carly or leather legacy

    can't decide on the colour though... which bag would u choose? Have enclosed the legacy for easy reference.

    :heart: your help is appreciated!!! :heart:

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  2. I LOVE both, but in my opinion, I think the Carly is more practical.
  3. I vote for the Carly. I have a khaki/saddle and a black leather and love them!
  4. :tup: I agree, I love your name, lol
  5. I find the carly easier to get in and out of.
  6. I voted for the Carly too.
  7. I think the Carly is a great bag and will serve you well. I have three large Carlys and I find them great for work.

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  8. I'll be the oddball and say the Legacy, though I favor the slim tote. Maybe it is just the businesses or offices I've worked in, but the Carly would be too slouchy for me to carry as a work bag. I find the shapes and turnlocks of the Legacy collection to be more work-appropriate.

    But that all depends on how you intend to use the bag and what sort of business you work in. The Carly is a beautiful bag; I just find the Legacy more business-appropriate.
  9. Another Carly vote here!
  10. LIBlue, your carlys are beautiful!!!

    went to the boutiques yesterday just to see. Large carly is too huge for me. I saw the Ali Hippie and got tempted... LOL

    seeing is the beginning of more temptation... **laugh

    thanks, everyone
  11. Another vote for Carly - One of the SAs at Coach actually brought her personal black sig. Carly out from the back to let me see how the leather handle ages and molds to your shoulder. She nearly forced me to walked around the store wearing her bag...felt very awkward, but definately educational. Now, I know the Carly is next on the wish list. All the SAs also said it is their personal favorite bag ever...WOW!