carly or ali???


Carly or Ali?

  1. Natural Ali

  2. Khaki Signature Carly w/ Cognac trim

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  1. Debating between the khaki signature w/ cognac medium carly or natural ali??? HELP!
  2. Deff Ali!!!
  3. For my taste, it's the Ali.
  4. Definitely the Ali. ;)
  5. I'm in the minority, but I love the Carly and don't really like the Ali.
  6. I love the Carly as well. The Ali just doesn't cut it for me. It seems like a style better suited for a more mature woman, and I'm in the younger age range.

    But then again everybody seems to love the Legacy line and I don't care for it at maybe I'm just odd?
  7. 1000% ali. But I'm probably biased because I would probably pick legacy bags over any other coach bag...ever
  8. I have both of these bags: a signature Ali and a signature Carly (also a leather Carly). The Carly is MUCH easier to get into because it doesn't have a flap. The Ali is sooo roomy, but things get lost in there. But I like the way the signature Ali looks better, but I haven't seen one in leather. Neither has an outside pocket, which would be really nice. So are you going for looks or convenience? Silly question, looks always come first, right? I really think you need one of each!!!
  9. Get the Ali! You'll love it!
  10. I don't dislike either bag but I say go for the Carly. For some reason I only really like the Ali in black...but that is my own weirdness.
  11. Get the Ali, you will love it. It is a really classic and timeless bag.
  12. you're not odd, but I'm definitely in the "more mature woman" group.

    I also might add - I have a black ali already. :graucho:
  13. ali all the way!!!! I personally love the flap it makes me feel like my stuff is safe but since it has a pocket right under the flap i can get to that stuff SO easily with it on my shoulder!

    and its just beautiful and perfect and UGH ALI!!! :smile: haha
  14. ^ i am not in the mature woman group hehe im 23 and my black ALi is my fav bag ever, but i would get it in any color!
  15. I have the Carly and I love it but the Ali is on my wish list. I'm waiting to see what they come out with for the fall and hope to buy the Ali then.

    I vote ALI!!