Carly not working for some people what does this mean

  1. I noticed in another post that people were saying that they couldn't carry their Carly bag but I didn't read anything specifically. Could people please explain and is it a size of the person issue ? I am planning on buying my first carly in the spring but want to make sure before I spend all that money on her that she will be ok for me. Thanks !
  2. well, she tends to slide of shoulders~~mine but not everyone~~and some think the perfect size Carly would be in between the medium and the large.
    my only complaint about mine is the sliding, other than that, i love her!!
  3. I think Carly is a great bag. She's one of my favorites:yes: Do you live near a boutique? I would try one on to see how you like it first, just in case, but I love mine. Keep in mind that with the hardware they do get a little heavy.
  4. heh, as owner of 2 Carly's, i feel bad for those that it doesn't work out for. i LOVE my Carly's and they are really my go-to bags for everything. i do have a little slippage every now and then, but i think i'm going to do the pad underneath the handle like some other tPFCoach-ers do. it's even causing me to relook at the Gigi.
  5. I have three Carly's and love them all. It is my second fav bag after my Legacy shoulder bag. She does slip but I use the heel liners on the strap and she stays put no matter what I have on. I will always love Carly. :love::girlsigh:
  6. I completely agree with what you wrote. Neither is enough to keep me from keeping her but I did wish she didn't slide as much (need a slightly longer drop) and I wish the medium were a little bigger. But I still love her.
  7. I tried the heel liners. And on my first outing I came home w/out it!! It totally fell off, and it wasn't stickey on both sides....did I buy the wrong kind?
    Sorry if this is OT!!!
  8. I love my Carly.. loved the medium and now sold that for a large.. and I love her more, never thought that was possible. :love: I guess it's like anything, it just depends on the person and the bag. Try them out, and make sure you take all the stuffing out first and put your stuff in.. also keep in mind the strap will soften with time or after a little apple conditioner. :tup:
  9. Thank you for all the info. I do have a boutique near me and I try one on every time I go in there. I think it is probably a problem people discover with every day use so I can't really tell by trying it on but I do have to put my own stuff in one and walk around with it, that is how I decided between my Ali and Mandy. I have a messenger type bag (not coach) that has this really textured rubber on the inside and that bag doesn''t slip off my shoulder. I wonder if there is a way of applying something like this to the strap. Is this what people have been talking about ?
  10. These are the ones I use and they are perfect and stay put and peel off without leaving any residue behind on the bag. I swear by them:tup: I got mine at Walgreens, they are about $5 and there are two in the pack.
    DSC02648.jpg DSC02652.jpg
  11. Oh that's an interesting little thing, Mokey! I don't have the sliding problems with the Carly but I might have to grab one of those for other bags, what a great idea!
  12. thanks, mokey....the ones i got are the same brand but are thinner...i'll look for those!
  13. I hope that they work for you Nola, because I seriously was ready to throw in the towel on Carly until Minitulsa recommended them, and when I tried them it was Carly's saving grace. I hope they work for you. Keep me posted please!
  14. I love my large Carly and have no problems with it slipping.... now it is a little heavy if I stuff it, but thats another story.
  15. i love my med and have no slippage