carly new color??? not what you're thinking....

  1. ok so this is coming up in the drill down but I don't remember it being available before and it's not listed in the drop down menu as being available now so...........................

    is this coming soon?? I love the color! seems like it might match w/the wallet below!

    med carly #10619


    large carly #10620


    wallet #40634

  2. PERFECT wallet for that Carly! I'm liking the red accent with the khaki! :tup: I'm guessing the color may be coming soon. I discovered the chocolate leather Ergo on the drill down a while back before there was any word of it. Maybe November?
  3. MY SA said it would be available in late September. I plan on getting one, I bought the mini wallet to match it.
  4. there was one of those on eBay that sold yesterday or today.... not sure how the person go it (maybe an sa?) but it checked out to be authentic...
  5. ohhhh, that one has better pictures!! looks pretty in theirs.
  6. Hi Tracy, this bag is in the new floorset on the floor today as well as the wallet to match. And, it is again in white and khacki as well. They are very pretty !!
  7. I think that seller is selling some very good fakes. Here are pics of an authentic and the fake one she is selling. Guess which is the real one?
    Give up? Okay, the green one is real. The purple *I believe* is fake. look at the C's toward the bottom of the bag, the hangtag, the end of the shoulder straps, the size and shape of the suede corners, and the size of the Coach stamp. I am pretty sure these are fakes. Something about the whole thing as well as all the other bags she is selling does not look quite right.
    tote.jpg tote2.jpg
  8. My SA said that the chili signature Carly would be available near the end of September, after PCE. Maybe preorders will be allowed :tup: The gallery tote in this color combination is available now (the "c" is the smaller sig pattern rather than the large Carly "c") but you can get an idea of how it will look. Gorgeous color combination!
  10. Looks authentic to me. I don't see anything that would signal that it's fake. The drilldown photos aren't always 100% accurate. Be careful before you publicly accuse someone of selling fakes...

  11. I agree that the green one is fake - the way the suede corners cuts off the "C"s on the top of the suede looks really suspicious.
  12. :back2topic: please.................:yes:

    Lynn - did you actually see this bag at a store on the new floorset or is that what an SA told you?? My SA is doing the floorset tonight and I will be going to check it out Fri - yay! I hope the choc leather carly will be there so I can see it in person to help me decide about the sig one.
  13. Love the angora!