Carly med, or large???

  1. Hi everyone! im thinking about throwing caution to the wind, and ordering a Carly khaki/ black, off coach site!! Im just not sure if i should get a medium or large? the dimensions of the large seem awfully huge, but i do like big bags. Does anyone own the med. and is it a good size?? I like the Carly because it looks to me like it can be worn dressed up, or down.
  2. I have the medium in the khaki/black and love it. I bought the large and it was way too big for me and I like big bags. I am currently carrying the khaki/black mandy. The large Carly just seemed really big because it is very tall. I love the bag and think it looks great on others, but not for me.
  3. thank you for your reply! the med. carly is a good size then? i'm thinking about going w/the med. I happened to see a gal at old navy and she was carrying A carly khaki/black, don't know what size, it looked pretty big, and i have been obsessed w/it ever since! i was actually contemplating the khaki/beet beforehand, after seeing the khaki/black in person, i knew it was the one for me! this lady was dressed up also and the bAG/hardware stood out, looked so classy w/her outfit.
  4. The Medium is a LOT smaller than the large IMO, and it looked silly on me. The large is bigger, yes, but it also slouches a lot more than the medium.
  5. The medium works well for me if I do not carry all of my stuff. I have to be very organized and for me that is almost impossible. I was able to put a lot more in the lerge one, but it just seem too big for me and I am 5'7". I love it and wanted to keep it soooo bad. I have issues.!!!
  6. The medium is a good size if you don't carry alot of stuff...But since you like big bags, you might want to consider the large instead.
  7. well, i m v petite. i bought the black sig med carly on monday (loving it btw!) and feel like it is a big purse. the lrg carlys i have seen in the past seem more like small tote bags to me then purses.
  8. Hi, thanks for all your input! I bought the medium Khaki black!!!! I love it!!!I looked at the large and did not even try it on, it just looked way too huge for me! This is actually my first coach store purchase!! (my other coach bags are from eBay)
  9. Yay congrats! I love my medium - it is the perfect size. The khaki/black will go with everything - great choice!
  10. I got my Carly. I bought the large black leather! Love it definately large