Carly lovers unite...and enable please!

  1. alright i know how much everyone loves their carly's and so i am considering getting one- most likely in the khaki/gold because it is so gorgeous, but if not than khaki/saddle
    i want to see modeling pics and please tell me how much you love it....also it slouches right? so if it is not all the way full the strap drop will be bigger (because of the slouch) to accommodate those of us with fat arms right?i really want to see how it looks on the body, and my coach boutique is kinda far, so you girls are the next best thing! please tell me what you love/don't like about her....
    and convince me that I can't live with out one too:girlsigh:
  2. ^exactly! that thread will have all the pictures you're looking for! :smile:

    let us know what you decide.
  3. Oh thanks, i didn't even think to search..duh:noggin: lol but after looking...I'M SOLD i have to get one..medium? or large?
  4. depends what you need to carry. i use mine for school most of the time, so the large is good.

    also, if you're bigger (though the definition of "fat arms" varies, lol. i swear, if you're a size 8 and saying that, i will beat you. :p), i would recommend the large.
  5. ahaha i don't even wear a size 8 shoe..lmao

  6. I am a woman with arms that could feed a village and the large Carly fits me with room to spare! :yes:
  7. LOL@ Kallison and liblue about fat arms! :lol:
    I am SO scared to post pics of me posing with my bags because of that fact.
    And its just not my arms!:sweatdrop:

  8. Okay!!

    And there is nothing "small" about me, and my medium fits and slouches just fine.
  9. hmm okay here is comparison.. the large scribble tote fits on my arm but it's a tight squeeze, and the large soho flap is good on the second and last hole....but the carly slouches so much the medium might be fine... i thought that the dimensions on the large would be too big, but in comparison to my scribble tote, it's only slightly bigger :confused1:hmm which one which one?
    i'd better try em on before i buy one
  10. i would stick with the large, personally. it's not nearly as big as it seems once it slouches. :yes:

    and i gave up on trying to hide my size, lol. i always post pics of me in my pj's- they hide the extra, er, love...hehehe.
  11. Megan, I have the medium khaki gold and it is in my pics under Rainbow posted with my denim bag and my demi black Carly..about a week ago, It is beautiful... and has plenty of room. Beautiful bag!!!
  12. mmm okay i'll have to check it out..maybe i'm just gonna have to ask a random person on the street if i can try on their bag lol I'm not THAT crazy....btw my family already thinks i'm completely nuts because i take pictures of my bags and their contents to show you all, and i speak in "coach lingo" lol i walk through a store and my sister will say oh thats a cute bag and i'll say oh thats a signature stripe demi and thats a blah blah blah.....and thats a FAKE! lol...i'm not completely crazy:upsidedown:
  13. I have the denim carly in the med size and it is just right. Though I do wish it slouched more but I love it none the less