Carly lovers - look at this knockoff being sold!

  1. please don't post links to counterfeits, no need to give them free advertising, you may psot a photo, but no need to tell people where to get it

    I hate knockoffs. :tdown:
  2. Ugh how annoying.
    Knockoffs are disgusting.
  3. Oh. My. GOD! GRR! That infuriates me to no end!!
  4. But it does have a "buttery soft leather like" material!
    :tdown: Leather like!? :cursing:
  5. :throwup: Blargh
  6. That is disgusting! The hangtag looks like it's all furry!!!
  7. Eeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!:wtf:
  8. :noggin:Leather like! Amazing, who would really want to carry Leather like material? Almost sounds toxic.
  9. At least it doesn't say Coach...
  10. You took the words right out of my mouth!!! :roflmfao:
  11. I agree that at least it doesn't say Coach on it. Anyone looking at it couldn't possibly mistake it for a Carly!
  12. $50 for a fake? call me cheap (i just graduate college and am paying off loans), but that's sorta expensive for a fake. lol
  13. disgusting-- you can tell by my name that Ihateknockoffs too!!!
  14. I completely agree. Honestly, I'd much rather see someone buy this than by a counterfeit Coach bag. There are some people who really like the style of the Carly who can't afford a real Coach so they buy designer inspired. Honestly, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I am not saying I think this is as nice as a Carly bag - far from it - but, for someone who wants one and can't afford the real thing, I think it's a good and legal alternative.

    Just my opinion...
  15. I think my Coach stuff just shed a collective tear.