carly leather

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Carly leather

  1. Black

  2. Parchment

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Black or parchment?
  2. I voted parchment simply because Im not a black bag kind of girl
  3. black, parchment will get dirty so fast
  4. I say black because I know I would be too worried about keeping the parchment clean.
  5. black! Very versatile! Parchment is pretty, too but harder to keep clean...
  6. black, of course!!

  7. I got the parchment one, it is really pretty but I think I am afraid to wear it and it will get dirty really, but black doesn't bring out its style.......:confused1:
  8. Black. :tup:
  9. Black.....very classy!
  10. BLACK!!!!! But, I baby my bags and I think a white bag would drive me crazy trying to keep it clean! I tend to stay toward the khaki sigs, and the dark leathers (or sigs!!!!!! which I LOVE!!!!!)
  11. I got the parchment. Has anybody heard if there will be any new colors for Carly in leather? I would love to see the mineral color.:yes:
  12. It really depends on which colour you need more in your wardrobe. Do you already have a great black leather bag? Then keep the Parchment. If not, definitely go with the black as it will keep much better.
  13. uh chocolate! It's coming out in August.
  14. Tracey,

    I am with you on this one. Chocolate is the only one to get in my opinion. Brown rocks!
    I have both and now hate the black leather. It's so plain to me and doesn't even look like a 500 bag.
    The parchment really pops in this style. The hardware, the trimming, AHHH! It looks so rich, elegant and fab.