Carly- leather or signature?

  1. Ok so after all this time, I have all of the sudden developed an interest in the Carly. So practical! I tend to gravitate towards colorful bags and/or browns, so I decided I need some basic black. My fiance got me the medium black signature for V-day. (Large looked too big on me, IMO) When we were at the store, I was going back and forth between signature and leather. I know that lots of you have Carly's... can you tell me some of the pro's/con's to the leather vs. signature fabric?
    I like the look of leather better, but I'm leaning towards keeping the signature because I wont have to worry as much about it getting a few raindrops on it and whatnot. I want to be able to use this bag to take some of the wear-and-tear off of some of my favorite bags that I wouldnt dare take out in bad weather. But I want to hear a few opinions before I start using her. Thanks girls!
  2. I have the same bag, the med black signature Carly. I've had it for almost a year now, when I first got it I wore it ALL the time. Now it's kind of faded I guess, the black color isn't as rich. But I believe its from it sitting on the passenger seat in the sun every where I go. I personally though like the signature over the leather Carlys.
  3. I now have one of each, and I plan to use them differently. I'm mostly a leather girl, so for me the sig bags are my spring/summer bags. I think the fabric is more appropriate than leather in the warmer weather. Exceptions, of course, like the pond patent tote that I will use this summer, but two of the three signature bags I have are my nicer weather bags. I also think signature can be more year round than say choc or black leather, but thats just my personal opinion! I wouldnt worry about rain, etc, though, on the Carly leather. I think its pretty durable. To me, the legacy leather requires being a little more careful.
  4. I really love my Brown signature Carly. I've carried it now, everyday, for 6 months. I abuse it. And it still looks brand new. Not sure a leather one would survive my lifestyle. But that is my next venture, something in all leather.
  5. I also have the black sig Carly and have also heard about the fading issue with the black sig Carly's. I haven't had it for that long and haven't had it in the sun much so it hasn't faded, but I am sort of concerned about that. Some of the sig Carly's also tend to have problems with the fabric at the top fraying. I haven't had this problem myself, but have seen bags that have had this. I'm also thinking of getting a leather Carly and from what I've seen, I think the leather is pretty durable and can withstand more "abuse" and doesn't have to be babied as much as some of the other leathers, like the Legacy leathers. I don't think there would be too much of a problem with getting it wet. The leather may have minor scratches with normal use, but I don't think it would be too noticeable, especially if you get it in black. I think the leather Carly in black is a very classic-looking bag that is also very versatile. The only thing is the leather is heavier than the signature, so that might be a consideration, if you tend to carry a lot of stuff.
  6. If I were choosing I'd get the leather (actually, I chose the leather about a month or so ago!). It is heavier, but I once saw a Carly returned because the edges around the top frayed (rubbing against the user's body I guess). Just something to think about.
  7. Another vote for leather! But you probably saw that answer coming!:lol:
  8. Have you seen the metallic leather carly in the new catalog?

    It is gorgeous!

    You get some color and leather all in the beautiful carly silhouette.

    But if you want black then I think I would go with signature and save a leather carly for something more special like a metallic carly!
  9. I usually prefer leather but I prefer this style in signature, either black or chocolate. I also heard about fraying and color transfer on the lighter colors in fabric so I don't know. If I were you, I would keep the one that you have, esp if your DF bought it for you and just don't leave it out in the sun. It is the type of bag that can be casual or look great dressed up. The black sig carly is my DH favorite and he doesn't really care much about bags but he always says he likes that one.
  10. Looks wise I definitely prefer the Carly in signature. :yes: That being said, if you prefer it in leather I would get it in leather for a few reasons.. the leather on those is thick and durable, rain should not be an issue, you won't have to worry about staining or the fraying that can happen with the signature. Good Luck! :tup:
  11. On the bottom corners of my Carly their are frays starting to form, they're not really noticeable but I think I'm going to stick to leather bags from now on. My signature stripe tote has the same frayed corners problem and ive only had it for a couple months plus I am much more careful with it than I was with the Carly. :hrmm:
  12. I just got my first Carly- my khaki bronze. It is actually my first signature piece and chose it because I liked the contrast. I plan to be pretty careful with it as I have seen some get snags. But, I must say I really liked the Chili and Parchment leather Carly's as well.
  13. IMO, if I had to choose, I would pick the signature over the leather just because of the same factors that you said you would worry about... weather (rain, snow, etc)... I'm sure you can get a leather protectant but I think that the signature style in the carly is so gorgeous!! :nuts:
  14. I generally prefer leather bags but just have not seen a leather Carly that hit me because other than the tan and parchment colors, the trim and strap are the same colors. I'm looking for contrast. That said, I will purchase a leather one if they ever release a color scheme I like in the large size. Right now I have to say that although I'm not a signature fan, I prefer the khaki sig bags, especially the khaki/bronze. I like the contrast with these. I would use this type of bag in the summer, as I think the signature and prints work better in warmer weather (just my opinion). However, I didn't think about the fraying issue. I believe this would keep me from getting one for sure!
  15. I prefer Carly in signature, but there are other bags I prefer in leather like the Ergo, for example.