Carly: Leather or Signature?

  1. It still seems like a long while away but my birthday is in two months, and I plan to save up and get myself a Carly. Thanks to my new job at Godiva, it makes things much easier and faster (money wise). Back on topic, I am currently eyeing the chili in leather and beet for the signature, but I cannot decide which one to get. A little help? :p
    10615_B4H9-1_d2.jpg 10619_BKHE3-1_d2.jpg
  2. I like the signature better, because, IMHO, the leather feeels like color overkill.
  3. Definitely signature!!
  4. I vote for the leather!! I am absolutely in love with the Carly in Chili, but alas, none of the sizes fit me well.
  5. That Chili is TDF:tup:
  6. I like both but a little more favor toward the chili. I am no help.. sorry lol.
  7. I had the same leather carly or black/khaki signature carly? In the end, I'm going for the signature just seems to work better (more casual maybe?) with the nice slouch that the carly has....just my 2 cents :yes:
  8. I prefer the signature look on the Carly instead of the leather...for some reason the leather just doesn't "wow" me.

    Maybe get the signature bag and leather accessories? That's what I usually do!
  9. Ditto!:tup:

    Off topic:Love your Thumper avatar! Who's the girl??
  10. It's Thumper's girlfriend! She's been referred to as Bixbi, or more commonly Miss Bunny. I love them so much! :love:
  11. I love both...but if I had to'd be leather!
  12. I like the signature better when it comes to Carly.
  13. Definitely the Chili leather Carly. I saw it IRL and it's gorgeous.
  14. They are both GORGEOUS! But for me, I think I like the signature/beet better. It's more casual, as am I. But the leather is beautiful too. I guess get the one that fits your lifestyle more.
  15. I am VERY casual, and after buying and returning MANY signature Carly's, I FINALLY purchased a medium chocolate leather Carly and I LOVE this bag!!!!! The leather is just so soft and supple and this bag can be worn casual OR dressy! I am a SAHM, so my wardrobe consists mainly of jeans, khaki's and gym clothes! I have been wearing this bag since I got her on Oct 7th, and I dont have any inkling of putting her away for another!!!!!!!!!! Her slouch is TDF!!!! Good luck w/ your decision and please keep us posted!!!!