Carly is gone


Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
I had a hard time with this but I decided to sell Med Chocolate Carly. (Lucky for me it's to my BFF and she agreed to let me know if she ever decided to get rid of it lol). I figure they're at the outlets so if I ever wanted another one she'd be easy to find.

I'm happily enjoying Madeline (what a GREAT bag!!!) and Ali is waiting in the wings, I don't think I can ever part with her (again lol).


hand me my leather..
Aug 26, 2008
New York
MAMA - I've actually sold 3 of my Coach bags .... ones that at one point I thought I couldn't live without (because I bought them)...but after having them just did not use them enough...and after selling them..I DO NOT REGRET AT ALLLLL...because I just don't have them in my closet anymore, so I don't see them to remind me, and I assume that whoever they ended up with uses them more. Granted, you sold to a close friend, and will see the bag more, but another will come along that you will desire and use more!!