Carly in Purple

  1. My first Coach bag. :yahoo:

  2. oh wow this is the first time I saw carly with purple.. Can you post model pics? And welcome.. glad that you found us here:tup:
  3. Is that a slim Carly? OMGosh, the color is TDF!!
  4. When did this come out?? Have I been under a rock?:shrugs:
  5. WTF!!!! When did this come out???? Please post more pics.
  6. i cant c it!
  7. Please give us more info! on the purple carly!
  8. I am beginning to wonder if it's a FAKE??

  9. that's what I was thinking no way would my SA not tell me about this.
  10. hmmmm
  11. Wow, I've been through the boutiques and the department stores and haven't seen that! Did you order it? Where did you hear about it?
  12. Mariahcarey can you post more pictures of your new Carly? We're so freaking curious here!!!!
  13. Purple?! I wish she would come back and give us more pictures!
  14. It looks good from the pic. It looks like a slim? More pics please!!:yes:
  15. :wondering