Carly in Brown

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  1. Does the Carly Sig. Top Handle Pouch come in brown? I've seen the site, but is there any other way I find out or is the site 100% accurate? Thanks!
  2. I asked the exact same question a couple of days ago, but nobody responded. :sad:
  3. Hey ladies, I have the chocolate Carly pouch and it's soooo cute! I got it a few weeks ago and it's perfect for a quick trip or going out to eat. I have the large Choc. Carly, too, so I call this one Baby Carly :smile:
    Anyway, I got it at the store so you may want to call one! It's so worth it!
  4. I've seen it and it is really great! It would also make a great 'boost bag' to keep in a larger tote to hold just your necessities when running to the store or going out at night. Love it!
  5. My coach store had one today and it was so cute!